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Warrior cat name ideas for a cat or kitten

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15 Warrior cat name ideas for a fearless kitten or cat

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What kind of warrior is your cat? We have gathered 15 brave and powerful names for you to choose from.

Most cat lovers know that their fluffy little snookums is really only an evolutionary stone’s throw away from an actual tiger, but some pet cats display more of that primal throwback than others, that’s for sure.

If you have a kitty that is a ferocious feline at heart, or a militant moggie that enjoys marauding around the neighborhood (and bringing the spoils of war back as an offering to their human liege), you might like to give your warrior cat a name (or a prefix or suffix, perhaps) that reflects their mighty powers in battle.

We have selected 15 glorious names for fierce felines, inspired by legends of history and mythology. Could your cat live up to one of these 15 warrior cat names?

15 Warrior cat name ideas for a fearless kitten or cat


A feisty European Shorthair could honour the hero of the Trojan war, and the greatest warrior of Greek legend.


The Greek goddess of wisdom, strategy, and war, would be a bold inspiration for a Sokoke.


The Gaulish goddess associated with victory provides the perfect name for a warrior British Shorthair cat.


The legendary Egyptian leader is a striking namesake for either an Egyptian Mau or a Burmese.


This is the Norse goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, ritual magic, war, and death. A tidy resume for a Norwegian Forest Cat to live up to. She can, though.


We think that a Munchkin would be a cute contender to be named after the Roman hero (and god) known for physical strength and adventure.


The romantic hero of Arthurian legend had quite a head count, which a good mouser like a Turkish Angora might match.


A Germanic name meaning ‘army person’ or ‘warrior,’ this would be a good moniker for a Manx.


The ambitious French statesman and military leader could be a good namesake for a Russian Blue.


A Siberian cat might take this name inspired from this epic adventurer of Greek mythology.


Perseus was a Greek hero and slayer of monsters such as the gorgon Medusa and the sea monster Cetus. This would be a great name for a good mouser like a Siamese Cat.


It would be a great honour for a Ragdoll to be named after the hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder, storms, and the protection of mankind. What this cat lacks in stature, he makes up for in inner-strength. 


This is for a cat who loves going on expeditions, and is fearless of whatever she encounters. It has to be a Norwegian Forest Cat, then.


From the TV series Xena: The Warrior Princess, this name would be great for a brave and bold Toyger.


A Persian cat has the authority to wield the name of the ruler of all Greek gods on Mount Olympus.

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