The Toyger is a new breed that is still evolving. Everything in their appearance makes them look like a miniature tiger: a powerful body with tiger-coloured fur on an orange base, a long and ringed tail carried low and a swaying gait like big cats. This is nonetheless a sweet and affectionate cat, playful and calm at the same time, with a great capacity to adapt.

Key facts about the Toyger

Life expectancy :





Temperament :

Affectionate Intelligent

Type of coat :

Naked Short Long

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Origins and history

The Toyger is a creation of the American Judy Sugden, daughter of the famous breeder Jean Sugden Mill who was behind the Bengal. The goal of this creation was to obtain a breed of cat that looks like a miniature tiger from a morphological point of view, hence the name from the contraction of "toy" and "tiger". Judy Sugden set out on rigorous selective breeding, without crossing wild cats to avoid the inconveniences associated with the particular character and needs of hybrid cats. Household mackerel tabby cats with uniform stripes and exotic appearance were then sought after. In 1993, the breed was accepted by TICA and was awarded championship status in 2007.

Physical characteristics of the Toyger

  • Toyger

    Adult size

    Female : Between 12 and 14 in

    Male : Between 12 and 14 in

    They reach their adult size and definitive color around the age of 2.


    Female : Between 7 and 11 lb

    Male : Between 9 and 15 lb

    Coat colour

    Type of coat

    Eye colour



    Average in size, they have a long, strong and robust body, with clear muscles, a deep chest, and a very long tail with a rounded tip. Their legs are of medium length and the front and back ones are the same height. The head is also of average size, long and broad with rounded and sculpted contours (part of the snout where the whiskers protrude from). The ears are small and are sometimes endowed with plumes. The rounded eyes are small to medium in size, sunken, with a slightly bulging upper eyelid. The morphology of the Toyger is not yet fully set and is evolving.

    Good to know

    Although resembling a "mini-tiger", this cat is not a wild cat, nor a hybrid (from crossing with a wildcat), but a domestic cat.


    • 100%


      Affectionate, this cat likes company and cuddles.

    • 66%


      They love interaction and are eager to play.

    • 66%


      Certainly lively but equally calm and will appreciate moments of serenity.

    • 100%


      Very intelligent, they are curious and receptive to training.

    • 33%

      Fearful / wary of strangers

      Sociable, these cats like the company of humans.

    • 66%


      They can handle being alone but they also need interaction to have a healthy balance in life.

      Behaviour of the Toyger

      • 66%


        They have a powerful voice but they don’t use it too often.

      • 66%

        Need for exercise / Sporty

        They can be trained to wear a lead and will appreciate walks outside as well as games to expend their energy.

      • 66%

        Tendency to run away

        The Toyger prefers interaction to solo adventures, but be warned, sometimes they like to explore!

      • 66%

        Greedy / Gluttony

        Robust and muscular, they need a lot of food to meet their energy requirements.

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        • 100%

          Toyger and cats

          The Toyger is highly adaptable and can live with other cats without issue as long as they are well introduced.

        • 100%

          Toyger and dogs

          Being very sociable they tolerate dogs as long as they have been socialised. However, it is always important to provide high points and hiding places to which your cat can escape if needs be.

        • 100%

          Toyger and children

          Easy, playful and curious, as long as the children are respectful and let the cat have moments to themself, the Toyger will thrive in a family.

        • 66%

          Toyger and the elderly

          This cat can live with an elderly person as long as his exercise needs are met.



          On average, the price of a Toyger kitten is between £600 and £1500, the price often varies according to the lineage, the breeder, the age or even the sex. For the monthly budget, it will cost on average £35 / month to provide for their needs, by offering a quality diet and ensuring their good health.


          Given their short hair, a weekly brushing will suffice.


          Insignificant even when moulting.

          Nutrition of the Toyger

          A high quality diet that is adapted to the needs of the cat is necessary.

          Health of the Toyger

          Life expectancy

          Toygers live for 12 to 15 years on average.

          Strong / robust

          With their thick fur they are quite robust and adapt to different climates.

          Tendency to put on weight

          A balanced diet and daily exercise are important to avoid weight gain.

          Common illnesses

          We don’t have enough information on this new breed to know of any illnesses unique to them. The only known hereditary illness is: 
          Pyruvate kynase deficiency (PKDef): the deficiency of PK (enzyme) causes destruction of red blood cells, thus anemia.


          Only inbreeding is allowed.

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