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Cat name ideas for your black and white cat or kitten

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25 name ideas for your black and white cat: Get inspired!

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Are you trying to find some good names for a black and white cat? Find inspiration from our list of 25 names!

All pet parents know that a name says a lot about a cat - and it’s owner! Finding a name that fits the look and character for your boy or girl cat is one of the most important things you will do when you start out together with your feline companion.

Coat colour is a good place to start in naming your new cat. If you are lucky enough to have the honour of a black and white cat in your house, you have plenty of great name options to choose from. Whether your cat is basically a black cat with white spots or white paws (or socks), or white cat with a black eyepatch, or a flashy tuxedo cat, there’s a perfect name to match your perfect black and white kitten.

We have gathered 25 smart names for male or female cats with black and white hair to inspire you. Will you find the perfect name for your new friend?

Black and white cat name ideas


This would be a fun name for an American Longhair.


This would work for a black and white striped Oriental Shorthair.


A patchy little Munchkin could pull off this playful name.


A spotted Japanese Bobtail could bring you luck with this name.


A black and white Manx could be a match for this number.


Named after the classic black and white cartoon cat, a Domestic Shorthair would be a fun companion.


A sweet little cookie like an Exotic Shorthair might milk this name.


A Japanese Bobtail might have the character to live up to the animated penguin’s legacy.


A British Longhair might spice up your life with this name.


This is a quirky little name for a Cornish Rex.


A black and white American Shorthair might have the cutes to fit this most delightful bird name.


A fuzzy little number, this is a name for a complex and thoughtful character such as a Maine Coon.

Yin Yang

A bi-coloured Domestic Longhair could find balance with this name from ancient Chinese philosophy.


A cheeky (and very clever) little bird name for a scamp such as a Devon Rex.

Charlie Chaplin

A black and white Siberian could win our hearts just as the old star of silent movies did.


A Domestic Shorthair with a dignified air could carry off the name of this fictional butler.


A British Longhair with the right black and white pattern would be a lovely tribute to the family favourite Beagle dog.


A tuxedo patterned Domestic Cat would honour the cartoon from bygone days.


In ancient Greek mythology, Persephone spent half the year in the underworld, and half on earth. Sounds like the sleeping pattern of most cats, to be fair. This name would work for a bi-coloured Oriental Shorthair.


A cute, and smart, nickname for a tuxedo patterned Persian.


It might be fun to name a compact Munchkin after the grand black and white killer whale.

James Bond

This is another great name for a tuxedo cat. Perhaps a Highland Fold, in tribute to the Connery era of Bond.


This would be a respectable name for a white-collared Siberian.

Bettie Boop

This name is a playful reminder of the pin-curled black and white cartoon pin up of yesteryear. Perfect for an adorable American Curl.


This is a good name for a British Shorthair with an interesting patch that’s easy to spot.

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