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Cat name ideas for your ginger cat

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25 awesome cat names for your ginger cat or kitten

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These 25 names for red haired cats take inspiration from food and pop culture. Is your cat’s name on the list?

There’s something very special about a cat whose fur is orange coloured. That’s why our flame-haired friends deserve a name that matches their magnificence.

Whether you are looking for a name for an orange tabby cat or a purebred russet rogue, there are plenty of brilliant names from food, nature, and culture to inspire you.

Take a look at our list of 25 names for orange haired cats below. Which one is your favourite?

25 awesome cat names for an orange cat


This is the Hawaiian word for ‘orange tree.’ We think it would suit a sweetie Somali.


This golden fossilised resin is beautiful and precious, just like the American Bobtail.


Inspired by the adorable redhead, little orphan Annie, this is a great name for a Munchkin.


A spicy little name for a Bengal cat, perhaps?


We can’t get enough of this snack’s name, which would suit a British Shorthair, for sure.


This is a hot name for an Abyssinian, we think.


This is a sweet and zesty name for a Persian cat.


A Turkish Angora could be as irresistible as this moreish snack.


A glowing ball of heat and energy. What a great name for a Maine Coon!


Bubbly and sweet, this is a fun name for an Egyptian Mau.


We believe this famously grumpy cartoon cat is Persian.


It works because it’s true. This would be great for any ginger cat. How about a British Shorthair?


From Calvin & Hobbes, this name would be perfect for your little Toyger.


This is a delightful name inspired by the orange preserve. Would it match the sweet character of your beloved Bengal?


A bright flower that makes us all smile, this name is fitting for a cheery Domestic Cat.


A fancy cocktail made from champagne and fruit juice, this would suit a delicate and luxurious kitty such as a Persian.


This is a cute and festive name to give an orange cat. How about a Pumpkin Munchkin?


Spanish for ‘red,’ it’s a no-nonsense name for an Abyssinian.


This is a precious name for a darling Devon Rex.


Why not give your little ball of sunshine Exotic Shorthair this endearing name?


For a feisty ginger tabby such as an American Curl.

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