Other names : Wichien Maat, Traditional Siamese

Photo: adult cat of Thaï breed
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Life expectancy

The Thaï has a life expectancy of between 12 and 20 years


Adult size

Female Between 12 and 14 in
Male Between 12 and 14 in

Adult weight

Female Approximately 7 lb
Male Between 9 and 11 lb
Coat colour
Brown Blue
Type of coat
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Thaï costs approximately 500£

Good to know

More details about the Thaï

Thaï: Origins and history

Various legends circulate about their origins and history. The oldest of them says that, on Noah’s ark, a monkey fell in love with a lioness and that of their union would be born the Thai cat, which would have the peculiarity to present the courage of the lioness and the agility of the monkey! 

The Thai cat had a place in the Court of the King of Siam, former name of Thailand.
It is said that these cats were used to guard royal treasures and that they would eventually become cross-eyed from staring at the jewels for so long. This peculiarity is nowadays considered a defect, and these cats are excluded from competitions.

Another legend is linked to another of their physical peculiarities, the "break" in the tail. It seems that the Princesses of Siam used their tails to hold her rings. The weight of the jewels thus caused the "break" of the tail.

Be that as it may, it was in 1871 that the King of Siam offered to the Ambassador of England a couple of Thai cats, which is at the origin of their appearance in Europe.

They were bred selectively which gave rise to the breed of Siamese cat, with a finer silhouette than their ancestor.

Thaï: Purchase price

On average, the price of a Thai kitten is approximately £500, the price often varies according to the breeder and the aesthetics of the cat. For the monthly budget, it will cost on average £25 / month to provide for their needs, by providing a quality diet and ensuring to their good health.

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