Video: Dog blocks the street to save his human's life

Dog in the middle of the street dog-wow © CTV News - YouTube

This story is further proof that dogs can be true heroes in a difficult situation.

By Emilie Heyl

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Hayley, a woman living in Ottawa, Canada, is the proud owner of a dog named Clover.

When she met him, she immediately fell in love with the dog, but she never imagined that one day Clover would save her life.

An unexpected attack

Hayley, who had no health problems, let alone seizures or epileptic seizures, was walking down the street in her hometown one day, accompanied by her dog.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Hayley had a seizure.

She doesn't remember much of the event. When she woke up in an ambulance, she was very confused and did not understand how she could have had an epileptic seizure.

The whole incident was recorded by a surveillance camera belonging to one of the woman's neighbours. The video shows Hayley and Clover walking perfectly. Suddenly, the woman falls to the ground and starts shaking.

At first, Clover stayed by the woman's side, but soon realised that Hayley was not responding. The dog then let go of his leash and walked away from his human to the middle of the street, where he blocked the path of a neighbour's car.

The neighbour was on his way to work and had no choice but to stop and get out of the car to see what was going on. Evidently, he soon saw Hayley lying on the ground and called the emergency services.

Hayley's trainer described the dog's behaviour as completely impressive and we agree.

We hope Hayley is well and that her dog has received lots of cuddles for such a heroic act.

You can watch the CCTV footage below:

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