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Dog clothes can be used to keep your pet warm or for fun.

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Dog clothes: our 2024 selection

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Whether it's a coat, a sweater or a pair of booties, dog clothes are a versatile and helpful accessory for getting through the bad weather. Dog clothes can be used to protect your pet or just for fun.

Is it really necessary to put clothes on your dog? Although canines are wolves' first cousins, they have long since left the caves. They are less capable of withstanding the cold, particularly if they are small or have a thin coat. So buying dog clothes is definitely worth it. In fact, dog wardrobe selection is no different from that of humans.

There are winter dog clothes such as lined coats and fleeces, and sweaters that are a bit lighter. There are also waterproof dog clothes for when it rains and reflective waistcoats to be seen from a distance.

Do not forget about the pawpaws with dog socks! And if you're on a tight budget, don't panic; you're sure to find affordable dog clothes.

Why should I buy clothes for my dog?

Clothing serves the same purpose for our pets as it does for us: it protects them from the weather, but we both prefer it to be comfortable and pretty. Buying dog clothes means taking care of your pet, if possible, with a trendy accessory.

Depending on your taste and dog's personality, you can buy luxury dog clothes or a trendy sportswear sweater, a mackintosh or a knitted jumper.

Some dog clothes have other uses, such as reflective waistcoats, which are helpful for hunting dogs or if you regularly go for walks at dusk on the side of a road.

What types of dog clothes are available?

There are various types of dog clothes available on the market.

There is, of course, the classic coat. Lined or waterproof, it is essential for the cold weather. It is often closed with snaps.

Then there are the jumpers, which are put on over the head just like human ones. They are more modern and functional. They vary in warmth depending on the material, ranging from fleece to cotton. Be careful, they are not waterproof.

There are also waterproof dog clothes that are very useful when it rains. Your dog stays dry, keeping them warm and preventing them from dribbling mud everywhere when you come home.

There are also a variety of accessories available, such as caps to protect against sunstroke or sensitive eyes, socks for the house, or boots that protect not only against the cold but also against overheated asphalt in the summer.

Is it necessary to buy dog clothes?

To be clear, not all dogs need to wear clothes. Most dogs have thick coats that protect them from cold and even rain. However, winter clothing is handy for:

In hot weather, insulated booties are recommended for city dogs walking on the pavement. However, it is best to avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day altogether.

Hairless dogs should also be protected from sunburn, for example, by wearing a T-shirt.

How do I choose the right size of dog clothes for my pet?

Most brands have a size chart to help owners figure out their pet's size. If you have a mixed breed dog, use a soft tape measure and be patient. In general, you should measure the neck, chest at its widest point, and the length of the back from the collar to the base of the tail.

Some dog clothes, such as jumpers, are made of elastic material, allowing some wiggle room.

What should I look out for when shopping for dog clothes?

Before buying dog clothes, think carefully about how you will use them. Are they for the cold weather? Or to keep your pet dry in the rain? Your needs will be different whether you live in London or go on vacation to Spain.

Another important point: does your dog get dirty often? In this case, you should choose a machine-washable and sturdy dog garment. Check the seams to make sure they are strong.

Of course, size matters if you do not want your Shih Tzu stepping on their sleeves or your Labrador tearing up their sweater!

In any case, you should gradually get your pet used to wearing dog clothes. They may be a little confused at first. Be careful if your dog is the destructive type; swallowing a piece of fabric or a sock can cause an intestinal obstruction. Don't let your dog out of your sight when putting on dog clothes.

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