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Dog breeds with short hair

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Love dogs but hate the thought of having a trail of fur around your house and on your clothes? Short haired dogs could be the answer to your dilemma! Equally as cute, loving and loyal but with less grooming and shedding, short haired dogs could make the perfect companion.

It’s true; short haired dogs are all the fun with less of the hair. However, do be aware that getting a dog with a low maintenance coat, doesn’t make them a low maintenance pet overall. They still need all the love, care and attention of longer haired breeds - they just leave your house a little less fluffy!

Do short haired dogs shed?

The first thing you need to know when choosing a short haired dog because you want less grooming and cleaning responsibility when it comes to your dog, is that pretty much all dogs shed their fur.

Fur shedding isn’t just an annoyance, it actually serves a very important purpose for your pup. When it gets chilly, their fur naturally grows thicker to keep them toasty. But when the seasons change, they shed some of this fur to help cool them down. Pretty cool, huh?

And while it’s true that dogs with long hair often shed more than their short-haired friends, some short haired dogs shed equally as heavily. Therefore, it’s important to do research into the specific breed of dog rather than just picking any short haired pooch, especially if you’re looking for a low-maintenance coat.

How to groom a short haired dog

“Smooth and short-haired coats need less attention than other varieties of fur. Even so, if the hair and dandruff are to be kept under control, short haired dogs must be groomed almost as frequently as those with longer coats explains Bruce Fogle, author of the ASPCA Complete Dog Care Manual.

The manual suggests the following routine for grooming your short haired dog:

“1. A dog with a short, dense coat must be groomed regularly to prevent mats. A slicker brush will remove tangles.

2. Brush thoroughly with a bristle brush, which removes dead hair and remaining dirt and debris. While you are grooming your dog it is important to check for signs of parasites, such as fleas and ticks, and for any sores or skin disorders.

3. Lastly, run a fine tooth through the feathers on the dog’s legs and tail. You can also trim untidy hairs from the feathers with scissors if you wish.”

Short haired dog breeds

While they may have a similar coat, all short haired dogs have different personality traits, energy habits, shedding patterns and health problems. It’s so important to take the time to find out what breed will make the best companion for you before you commit to a new pet.

We’ve picked out our 5 top short haired dog breeds to get you thinking. But remember, this list isn’t exhaustive - there are so many incredible short haired dog breeds to consider.


Beagle ©Alexey Androsov - Shutterstock

Everybody loves a Beagle, right? These sweet-natured, intelligent pups get along great with kids, making them a great choice for families. Beagles are very energetic and love lots of playtime and exercise. On the downside, these cute little pups can be stubborn when it comes to training.

They’re very easy to maintain, with short, tidy coats which only need a quick, regular brush and a wipe over when they get muddy.

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound ©Alexandra Morrison Photo - Shutterstock

Can you get a more elegant, slender dog than the adorable Italian Greyhound? As well as being athletic, calm, and gentle, their coat is short and requires minimal grooming. Win-win! However, if you choose to make an Italian Greyhound your new canine companion, be aware that their fragile bodies are extremely prone to injury. Be careful when grooming and handling them.



If you’re looking for bags of personality in a small package, a short haired Chihuahua is the right dog for you! These tiny yet sassy dogs are happy, loyal and confident, but can become yappy and possessive if not socialized from a young age. Chihuahuas also happen to be one of the easiest dogs to maintain, grooming-wise. One full body brushing per week is more than enough to keep these pups looking sleek and feeling comfortable.



You probably just know them from the famous Disney film, but did you know that Dalmatians make fantastic pets, too? They’re an independent and intelligent breed who are easy to train and great as guard dogs. On top of this, their short coat is easy to groom and won’t leave a trail around the house!

All sounds good, right? Dalmatians really are a great breed but don’t always get along with other animals or kids. They can come across as aggressive toward strangers if not trained well, so consider this before picking one as your new pet.



Their strong, imposing looks don’t match the friendly, affectionate Boxer dog. They’re great with children thanks to their incredible patience and even fare well with other pets. While Boxers coats don’t need much attention, they themselves do.

This lovely, family-friendly breed don’t like being alone for long and need an owner who can devote time to them every day.

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