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Tick treatment for dogs: Best tick collars and accessories for dogs in the UK

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Tick treatment for dogs should be on every future dog owner's shopping list. There is a wide range of them out there and it is not always easy to find the right solution to protect your pet.

If you’ve never heard of Lyme disease, babesiosis or ehrlichiosis, well consider yourself lucky! These are diseases that ticks can transmit to dogs. Every spring, these dreaded arachnids make their comeback in tall grass and it is very important to protect your dog from their bites.

Some of the most efficient protection options include ultrasonic tags and collars with active ingredients, natural substances or essential oils. Seek guidance from your vet on the dosage for your dog's age and body type. If you find a tick on your dog, be careful. You should remove it only with special pliers to avoid infection.

Are you about to adopt a new companion? Learn how to avoid these unwanted guests by reading our selection of anti-tick collars and accessories for dogs.

Why use an anti-tick collar or accessory rather than an oral product?

There are both anti-parasite collars and tags as well as anti-tick pipettes and tablets for dogs. Although oral tick treatments for dogs are very effective, collars and accessories have the great advantage of protecting your pet for several months. If you choose to use an oral anti-tick solution, you will absolutely have to remember to give your dog the treatment at the start of each month. Moreover, while tablets eliminate ticks present on the animal, they can’t eradicate those in its surroundings. Meanwhile, collars spread active substances over the dog's body and repel ticks. Ultrasound tags are even more efficient and repel all parasites on and around your dog.

How does a dog tick repellent accessory work?

Anti-tick collars not only prevent parasites from getting on your animal, but also remove those present in their coat. These collars take about 48 hours to start working, as the product needs time to spread over your dog's body. The anti-tick treatment for dogs will then protect your pet for up to 8 months.

Anti-tick medals work by ultrasound. These protective accessories have a button that you simply need to press to activate them. Equipped with a battery, the tags also remain effective for many months. Before putting an anti-tick collar or tag on your dog, make sure their hair is free of parasites. If you find one on your pet, remove it with a pair of specialised pliers, which will help get rid of the unwanted guest, without leaving its head in the dog's skin.

How to choose anti-tick collars and accessories for dogs?

For the best result, you should take into account your dog’s age and weight. Anti-tick collars and accessories for puppies and small dogs do not contain the same dosage as products for larger breeds. If the substance in the collar is not strong enough for your dog, it will not work properly. If it is too strong, it may make your pet sick. You can also opt for a natural anti-tick collar, which repels parasites with a mixture of essential oils. These are known as insect repellents, as they do not kill ticks, but only keeps them away.

What is the most effective tick treatment for dogs?

It all depends on the breed and weight of your pet, but also on the result you want to achieve. Do you want to kill adult ticks and larvae on your dog alone, or also those in the surrounding environment? Or do you simply want to keep them away? Some products, like tablets, work on a one-off or short-term basis, while accessories like collars and tags protect the dog for several months. You should also take into account the age of your pet and bear in mind that the best treatment will likely differ for a pregnant or nursing female. The most effective tick treatment for your dog will be the one with the right dose for their needs.

When should I use an anti-tick collar or accessory for my dog?

Puppies can start wearing an anti-tick collar from the age of 6 to 8 weeks. Before this age, baby dogs are still very young and the products released by the collars may be too strong for them. Nevertheless, it’s possible that you may need to treat your litter of newborn puppies, if for example there are ticks in their environment. In that case, choose a spray or powder that is adapted to babies. Then get into the habit of treating your pet between spring and autumn, because that's when ticks are at their most dangerous! Don’t forget to put the anti-tick collar on your dog when needed, as these parasites can potentially infect them several serious diseases.

Where to buy an anti-tick collar or accessories?

You can find anti-tick collars and accessories in specialised shops, at your vet's or in pharmacies. Avoid big supermarkets, as the items on offer are not always of the best quality. You can also buy tick control collars at online pet shops or on e-commerce platforms. This way, you will have access to a wide variety of products without having to leave your home! Choose the most effective anti-tick treatment by reading customer reviews and browsing specialist forums. You can also use online comparisons to get the best value for money.

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