Tortoiseshell cat grooming rat

Owner hoped her cat would get rid of rats, but she didn't expect this (video)

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In a bid to rid her garden of a rodent infestation, this woman decided to adopt a cat. However, her well-intentioned strategy took an unexpected turn.

Cats are renowned for their instinctual prowess in hunting rodents. These creatures are natural prey for felines, often resulting in owners later discovering the lifeless bodies of rats and mice in or near their homes.

Rat exterminator

When this woman discovered a worrying rat problem in her garden, she decided the ideal solution would be to adopt a cat to help control the rodent problem. However, this cat didn't seem to understand her job description.

The little tortoiseshell cat soon made themselves at home, but not in the way the woman had hoped. To her utter astonishment, the cat appeared to establish an amicable relationship with the rats. 

Furry friends

Rather than pounce on the rodent intruders or chase them away, this feline opted for affection. In a surprising twist, the woman caught on video the cat and rat affectionally grooming each other and seemingly enjoying each other's company. The idea of frightening the rat away from the garden couldn't have been further away from the cat's mind. 

But it turns out, it's all for the best - upon closer inspection, the owner realised that her cat's playmate wasn't a rat at all, but a European Water Vole! This aquatic species of rodent is protected in the UK as its numbers have dropped to dangerous levels - primarily due to aggressive predators. Perhaps the cat knew this and decided to let the little fella prosper instead of following its hunting instincts!

We can only wonder what may happen if news spreads among local rodents about these tender connections. Will more water voles seek garden visits, yearning for cuddles and grooming sessions?

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  • Itz_Literally_Me
    Ermmm.... That's not a Rat, it's a Water Vole🤦

    Hope this isn't in the UK? Water Voles are a Protected Species, it is forbidden to kill or harm them under UK Law... I know the cat didn't harm it, but according to your article that was the lady's intention.. Seems logical she may also have set traps or poison.
    Strange as an animal welfare organisation, you don't know this stuff 🧐
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