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Little girl left alone with 6 Pitbulls: what happens next was viewed by millions

By Ashley Murphy Content Writer

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A viral dog video posted on YouTube has proved something that we pooch lovers have known for years: when trained properly, any dog can be a 'good' dog. 

The two-minute clip, filmed somewhere in the US, starts with a 4-year-old girl facing off against six(!) fully-grown male Pitbulls. It sounds like the start of a tabloid horror story. 

But that's not what's happening here. The reality of the situation couldn't be any different. Because this video is a shining example of that important saying - there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. 

Good boys!

The six Pitties line up like a real bunch of good boys, waiting patiently for their little human to hand out some treats. 

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This is how you handle and train dogs. Nurture is what counts, not 'nature.' People who say Pitbulls are born aggressive and violent don't know what they're talking about.

And here's proof. Last summer, a story appeared in the Manchester Evening News about an aggressive dog terrorising the local neighbourhood. The 'demon dog,' as locals called it, attacked people and pets, including two Chihuahuas.

But this 'demon dog' wasn't a Pittie or any other (so-called) 'problem breed.' It was a Golden Retriever, the sweetest dog of all. 

But facts like these couldn't prevent a social media backlash from uninformed viewers.

"This is outrageous," posted one person. "A small child should never be in such close proximity to a breed of dog with a fearsome history of violence."

Nurture over nature

A fearsome history of violence? This person has no idea what they're talking about. They need to spend some time with Pitties. 

When socialised from an early age, all Pitties want to do is love, please, and be close to their humans. And that's one of those Pittie facts that's actually true.

We urge Wamiz readers to always be cautious when letting a pet play with a child. No matter how sweet pets can be, they may sometimes feel uncomfortable with a child's rough play and children can’t always pick up on that. Better safe than sorry, always supervise interactions between a child and an animal!

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