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Worried cat’s response to owner’s singing steals everyone’s hearts (video)

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If you think cats are cold, distant and uninterested in human feelings, you haven't met Luhlua, an adorable calico feline who genuinely cares about her owner.

Luhlua, a fluffy calico, revealed her tender side in a viral TikTok video when she mistook her owner's singing for crying.

Caring cat

The heartwarming clip shows the fluffy feline's concern as she tries to comfort her owner by rubbing her head on his back.

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The video's caption explains that she always worries whenever her owner sings.

The clip shows that despite the stereotype of cats being aloof, cats have a huge capacity for affection and feelings of attachment to their owners.

Feline displays of love range from headbutting and rubbing against their owners to meowing and purring.

The adorable video quickly got lots of attention on social media, attracting more than 3 million views and an impressive 625,500 likes on TikTok.

Empathetic or aloof?

Here's the adorable video everyone is talking about:

Viewers couldn't resist sharing their experiences with their feline friends, ranging from heartwarming to less-than-ideal.

One cat lover shared, "My cat was put to sleep on the 5th of January and I was broken and in tears and she still found the strength to put her paw on my cheek which she always did to comfort me if I was sad."

Meanwhile, another person said: "Once I was having [a really] bad crying session on my kitchen floor lying there and my cat ran up and slapped me on the face." Yikes!

How does your cat react when you're showing emotion?

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