Black and white cat outside doughnut shop

Oreo the cat loves doughnuts.

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Cat always first in line at doughnut shop, everyone knows what he's waiting for

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Every morning, a little four-legged resident of Chapin, South Carolina, ensures he's the first in line to get his paws on a delicious doughnut.

Chickenbutt Donuts is a popular local restaurant known for its delicious doughnuts. 

Favourite customer

But one regular customer always steals the show: Oreo, the neighbourhood cat.

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This fluffy, black-and-white feline has an incredible sweet tooth and refuses to let anyone else be first in line when the doughnut shop opens. 

Chickenbutt Donuts even took to Facebook to acknowledge Oreo's priority status, declaring, "[The] line starts behind this guy." 

Despite the early hours, Oreo can always be found eagerly waiting for the moment the doughnut shop opens. 

“Chonky boy”

The staff and neighbouring businesses have gotten to know Oreo pretty well and always keep cat food and healthy treats on hand to help keep him healthy. However, Oreo's true passion lies in indulging in the occasional doughnut, earning him the affectionate nickname "Chonky boy" from Chickenbutt Donuts.

While Oreo's love for doughnuts brings smiles to the community, cats shouldn’t be allowed to indulge in sugary treats regularly. 

You could even say that Oreo is already sweet enough!

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