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Choose the best dog bed for your pet based on their breed and needs.

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Top 4 best dog beds: The best value for money

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Arrange a comfy sleeping area for your four-legged friend by choosing a suitable bed. It's an essential accessory when a new doggo arrives to guarantee them superb comfort!

It's essential to choose a bed that's right for your pet. There are many types of beds for dogs, including hard plastic beds for destructive dogs, orthopaedic ones for older pets, and soft cushioned models for dogs who value comfort.

Choose a model according to your dog's size and needs, the material used, as well as its shape and thickness. The bed will serve as your pet's sleeping area, but it will also provide them with their own comfortable and secure space where they can rest. Place the bed close to your own or in a room that is both quiet and busy.

To help you with your choice, we've put together this comparison of the best dog beds.

How do I choose a dog bed?

To choose a bed for your dog, take into account the pet's size. Measure your dog from nose to tail and add 10 cm to determine the length of the ideal model.

The material is another important criterion. If you have a puppy or a destructive dog, choose a bed made of resistant plastic. Otherwise, you can opt for a more comfortable padded model.

Check if the different parts of the bed are removable and machine washable. That will make your life easier!

There are also orthopaedic options for elderly or sick animals. A large dog bed padded with memory foam provides relief for the joints.

If you want to place the bed in plain sight, the design also matters! There are models made of leather, wool, plastic, or synthetic textiles. Opt for a neutral colour that goes well with everything.

Don't forget to read the different reviews before ordering the bed you like the most.

Why should I buy a dog bed?

A well-chosen bed will give your pet many benefits. They will be able to rest on a soft cushion, rolled into a ball or with their paws stretched out against the edges.

The bed will become their own little nook. Your pet will feel safe there. It's also the ideal solution to delimit the territory of the dog as well as the owners. Your pup will understand that it has its own space and cannot always invade yours.

If you have an older dog with joint pain, the bed will provide the comfort it needs to rest the aching limbs.

Some beds can be used to transport your pet in the car. Install it on the back seat so that your doggie can sleep during the journey. Don't forget to buckle your dog up!

There are also small dog baskets that can be attached to the luggage rack of a bicycle.

How do I wash my dog's bed?

To properly wash your dog's bed, first remove all hair with a vacuum cleaner. Then remove the cover from the basket and the cushion, if it is detachable, and put everything in the washing machine.

If your dog's bed is made of plastic, use a sponge soaked in water with a bit of white vinegar. This natural product is ideal for absorbing odours!

It is essential to wash your dog's bed at least once a week to prevent the spread of bacteria. Of course, you should also clean it if minor accidents happen!

Where should I put the dog bed?

Put your dog's bed in a quiet place, but not too isolated. Dogs like company. If your dog's basket is too far away from household activities, your dog may feel neglected. They'll quickly want to abandon the bed to come and lie on the floor, not far from all the action.

Avoid placing the dog cushion next to a door: your dog will be disturbed by people coming and going and the door constantly swinging. Watch out for cold draughts that can filter through windows.

Which dog bed is best for a destructive dog?

If you have a destructive dog, consider buying an inexpensive, bite-resistant, rigid basket. This high-strength plastic basket is usually oval-shaped: it is almost indestructible, offers no grip for jaws, and withstands scratches.

This robust model will therefore provide a comfortable bed for your pet to curl up in. The rigid plastic structure will also give your pet a feeling of security.

To make your dog less destructive, don't hesitate to get an anti-stress collar. Take out their favourite toys, so your pet can distract itself when you're not around.

Which dog bed is best for a puppy?

A puppy basket must be able to withstand the onslaught of tiny teeth. Young dogs like to chew everything they can get their jaws on — clothes, furniture legs, and their own bed! The ideal solution is a moulded plastic basket.

With its raised edges that secure the puppy in its own space, this type of basket is inexpensive, indestructible, and hygienic. It is perfectly waterproof and can be easily cleaned with a sponge.

Puppy beds are usually smaller to allow the pet to curl up comfortably.

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