Senior ginger cat

Senior cat suddenly homeless when owner moves to nursing home and no one wants him

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When Marshall's elderly owner moved into a nursing home, the heartbroken 15-year-old ginger cat faced an uncertain future.

What makes Marshall's story all the more heartwrenching is that no one in his owner's family offered to take in the handsome ginger feline.

Foster family 

Fortunately, the now homeless cat found himself in the care of the Kit Cat Association.

The organisation organised a temporary foster home for Marshall while they looked for a forever home for him.

But Marshall didn't let the upheaval dampen his spirit. Once settled into his foster home, he very quickly showed himself to be affectionate and cuddly, not hesitating to climb into his foster family's lap.

Hope for Marshall

Even at the grand age of 15, the adorable Marshall is full of energy. But he also enjoys peace and his own space during the day, preferring cuddles and strokes to be on his terms.

While it's heartbreaking to think that no one in his owner's family wanted him, we hope he doesn't have to wait long for a family to give him all the love and stability he deserves.

Good luck, Marshall!

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