10 Interesting facts about ginger cats (Photos)

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There is something special about ginger cats that we find particularly fascinating. Here are 10 super cool facts about red cats!

All cats are wonderful and unique ginger cats included. They have this je ne sais quoi that just captivates people. Let's find out why through this roundup of 10 photos of ginger cats.

From Puss in Boots to Garfield, red cats have been enchanting feline lovers for decades. But what is it about these four-legged beauties that we find so alluring? Why does their sunny color translate into an equally bright personality? And how  did they become famous on the big screen?

First of all, let's find out why some cats have orange fur.

The specificities of red-haired cats

Red cats have a coat that ranges from sand to red colours. The pattern of the cat's coat governs how this shade is distributed throughout the coat. Pheomelanin are pigments responsible for this reddish color. 

A peculiarity of ginger cats is that 80% of them are males. While we know that tortoiseshell cats are generally female due to genetic peculiarities, we do not yet know why ginger cats are generally male. This type of coat is also common in many cats, with or without a pedigree.

Those with a pedigree show a more intense red colour while those without pedigree sport a lighter tone. They are nicknamed "Ginger". And this is not their only nickname, since they are also called "marmalade". This denomination distinguishes tabby cats with a red base and those with a black base.

Which cat breeds are ginger?

There are numerous breeds of red cats. On the other hand, there are none whose standard imposes exclusively this color. Among the most prized breeds sporting this beautiful colour figure: the Maine Coon, the Persian and the Norwegian.

The charming red cat: 10 surprising facts

These jam-colored cats are adorable and stand out for being very charming pets as well as affectionate and courageous. If you need a little more conviction as to why you should adopt a red cat in your home, read on! We have collected the most interesting facts about ginger cats.

So here are 10 reasons why you might want this furry feline to be the newest member of your family!

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