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If you are a true fan of the series, Money Heist names will be perfect for your dog!

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Male and female dog names inspired by Money Heist characters

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Who knew we could all feel close to a group of robbers dressed in red and wearing a Dali mask? Money Heist has made a sensation and with the new season coming out, we’ve gathered a list of male and female dog names to help you find inspiration.

The Netflix show Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) has been seen by millions of people and fans are dying to know what will happen to Tokyo, the Professor, Denver, Rio and the others. Their names inspired by cities are known by all of us, so what not use them as an inspiration for a female or male dog’s name?

Are you thinking of getting a dog and you are looking for male or female dog names? At Wamiz we’ve gathered a list of the most famous characters' names from the Money Heist to help you find inspiration for your future dog or puppy. Are you in love with Nairobi? She could be an Eurasier, a breed with a strong personality, sensitivity and courage. Or maybe you like Berlin, that name would suit a Dobermann: proud, elegant and intelligent.

Money Heist season 5 part 1, the last season of the series, came out in the UK on September 3, 2021.

10 male dog names inspired by the courageous men of the Money Heist

Choosing a name for your dog isn't always easy, and most of the time, when you choose a name it is to emphasize a particular trait of your dog's personality. In the Netflix Show Money Heist, each character has a unique personality and hopefully you will recognise your dog in one of them. So who does your male dog look like? Denver, Rio, Berlin or the Professor?


There is something about Berlin, we can’t hate him. His craziness, loyalty, braveness and determination are what makes Berlin an unforgettable character. Berlin would be a good name for a Chihuahua.


Denver is such a lovable character, he’s lively, sociable and caring, just like a Cavalier King Charles.


Moscow is a lively character, and is never afraid to make a fool out of himself in front of the others in order to make them smile. Moscow would be a good name for a Dachshund.


Helsinki is the muscle of the group, he’s also the quiet one, a bit like a Bullmastiff.


Bogota is a hard worker, and extremely good at what he does. He falls in love with Nairobi, and does take good care of her when she’s hurt, making him a caring and gentle character. Bogota would be a good name for an American Staffordshire Terrier.


We don’t get to see Marseille very often but he’s extremely clever and helps out the team so well, proving how loyal he is. And cherry on the cake, he loves his dog! Marseille would be a good name for an Airedale Terrier.


Oslo is the quietest robber of the group, and usually stayed close to his cousin Helsinki, making him loyal, a bit like a Border Terrier.


Palermo has a little bit the same profile as Berlin, no wonder they were good friends. He’s determined, not scared of anything and resistant, just like a American Bulldog.

The Professor

The Professor is a highly intelligent, analytical, conscientious and independent character, a great name for a Shiba Inu, especially if you imagine him with glasses.


Rio would be a good dog name for a Labrador. Indeed, Rio is kind, gentle, clever and extremely loyal.

8 Female dog names inspired by the strong women of the Money Heist

Here comes the female characters. In the show, the girls are all so brave and strong. Is your female dog's personality more like Nairobi, Tokyo or Stockholm?


In the show, Nairobi is a lively and energetic person who excels at bossing people around. She has a playful side that nobody can resist, a bit like a Poodle.


Lisboa is the name the team gives Raquel when she decides to join them. She acts a little bit like the mum of the group, always very careful, intelligent and curious. This would be a good name for a Golden Retriever.


Tokyo isn’t scared of anything and it’s extremely loyal, just like a Malinois.


Raquel was the inspector in charge of stopping the Heist from happening. She is confident, analytical and always intellectually curious, a bit like a Australian Shepherd.


Alicia is a tough cookie, she’s fierce, positions herself as leader and nothing slows them down, she’s devoted. It would be a good name for a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.


First, Monica was part of the hostages and she was shot in the leg, so she got a special treatment from Denver and they ended up falling in love. In the first season, Monica is quiet, gentle and calm, just like a Bernese Mountain dog.


Stockholm joined the team to stay with her lover Denver, and her personality changed at the same time, she became a lot more confident, extremely loyal and brave. A good name for a Rottweiler.


Manila is the mole in the group as the hostages think she is with them when in fact she is part of the group. She knows how to adapt quickly, just like a Shetland Sheepdog.

Need more inspiration? Here are other dog names

If you haven’t found the right name for your dog with this list inspired by Money Heist characters, below are other lists of dog names that, we hope, will help you choose the perfect one for your new best friend.

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