American Bulldog

Other name: Ambulldog

Photo: adult dog of American Bulldog breed
Photo: puppy of American Bulldog breed
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Life expectancy

The American Bulldog has a life expectancy of between 11 and 14 years




Adult size

Female Between 22 and 25 in
Male Between 24 and 27 in

Adult weight

Female Between 68 and 90 lb
Male Between 90 and 110 lb
Coat colour
White Brown Red Sand
Type of coat
Eye colour

Purchase price

The American Bulldog costs approximately 650£

Good to know

More details about the American Bulldog

American Bulldog: Origins and history

Before the 19th century, there is no sign that this breed existed. The modern American Bulldog is thought to have originated from ancient breeds similar to those of other mastiff breeds. At the time, American Bulldogs were used exclusively for work as a butcher's, farmer's or guard dog. They were absolutely not domesticated but modern selective breeding made it possible to highlight the undeniable qualities of this dog which make it a very good pet too. It was the breeders John D. Johnson and Alan Scott who allowed the development of this breed from the 40's.

There are currently two types of American Bulldogs: standard (pitbull descendant) and bully (descendant of the English bulldog). However, nowadays, it is mainly American hybrid bulldogs that you will see (a cross between the Bully type and Standard type).

The official recognition of the breed in the United States was established in 1970. Unfortunately, the differences between the dogs within the breed complicates the recognition of the breed in other countries as well as at the international level.

American Bulldog: Varieties

  • Bully American Bulldog (Classic)
  • Standard American Bulldog (Scott)
  • Hybrid American Bulldog (Bully x Standard)

Training a American Bulldog

Although more docile than their molosser cousins, the American Bulldog remains a bit stubborn and can be difficult to educate, especially by amateur masters.

However, if a relationship of trust and mutual respect between the master and his dog is established and the educational methods respect the principles of positive and non-violent education, it can be very pleasant to interact with an American Bulldog. 

One must not in any case seek any balance of power with him, at the risk of fanning his aggression and turn him into a dangerous dog. There are no bad dogs, only bad teachers, so it is important to know how to educate a dog with firmness and gentleness before adopting this breed.

Socialisation will have to be one of the key points of your dog’s education because this breed tends to want to dominate other dogs, sometimes seeking a fight.

American Bulldog: Purchase price

The price of an American Bulldog varies according to their origins, age and sex. This breed would cost on average £650. 

Please note that it can be difficult to get an American Bulldog since the breed is not officially recognised outside the United States. 

Regarding the monthly budget, a dog this size will cost about £50 (food and typical annual care included).

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