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What toys for medium-sized dogs?

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What are the best toys for medium-sized dogs?

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Play is an essential part of any dogs development, so we've found some of the best toys for medium-sized dogs. A dog that doesn't get enough stimulation will soon grow bored, increasing their chances of developing behavioural problems.

As you can see, doggie playtime is serious business. Firstly, you have to make sure your dog gets the right amount of play. However, just as importantly, they need to enjoy the correct type of play. Thankfully, there are plenty of dog toys and puppy toys specially designed for every pooch! Let's take a look!
What kind of toys should I buy for my pet dog?

The right toy for a dog depends on their personality and needs. For example, you might have a medium-sized dog like a British Bulldog or a Basset Hound. These guys always need a daily walk and some extra playtime, but they also like to spend lots of time curled up on their favourite spot, and especially as they get older. Laidback pooches will still enjoy games of fetch, but they're just as happy with a chew toy or a stuffed toy.

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What are the best dog toys for active dogs? 

Active and working medium-sized dogs are a different matter altogether. Breeds like border collies are not only bursting with energy; they're also super smart (or at least in canine terms!) That means these big-brained pooches need loads of mental stimulation, too! Without it, intelligent dogs will soon find other outlets for all that energy, which can lead to some unwanted behaviours

What kind of toys should I buy for my medium-sized dog? 

The Outward Hound Dog Treat Puzzle Toy is specially designed for high IQ pups. Just hide a treat in one its 20 compartments Your pooch can then flip, pull, or slide open the lids until it locates the tasty reward. You can even adjust the level of difficulty to stop your pet from getting bored!

The SNiFFiz SmellyMatty Dog Puzzle is perfect for medium-sized dogs like the Springer Spaniel. This foraging mat stimulates a dog’s tracking instincts, providing a healthy and fun outlet to do what they do best - sniff out tasty snacks! Just hide a few treats in the mat and let the dog do the rest. The mat is made from a soft fleece material and has an anti-slip bottom to prevent accidents. 

Are tennis balls safe for dogs?

Dogs love to run and play games of fetch, which is why a simple tennis ball is still one of our favourite dog toys. But are tennis balls safe for dogs? 

There have been some instances where dogs have swallowed tennis balls whole, although this is usually a risk for much bigger dogs. However, small and medium-sized dogs can chew them up and eat then piece by piece until there's nothing left. Some tennis balls may also contain traces of harmful chemicals, including mercury, lead, and chlorine.

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This doesn't necessarily mean that tennis balls are bad, but you will need to take some precautions. Firstly, never let your dog play with a tennis ball unsupervised. Make sure you check any labels before buying a new batch and avoid cheap, non-branded balls. Finally, make sure you change your pups favourite tennis ball regularly.

What is the most indestructible dog toy?

Alternatively, try something like the Chuckit Ultra Ball for Dogs. The super-bouncy rubber dog toy is practically indestructible and made from non-toxic materials. It also floats on water, making it the ideal dog toy for pooches who enjoy a fresh dip!

Playtime with your pooch should always be fun. But remember, play is also how dogs learn about the world so finding the right toys is super important. What's more, playtime is an important part of the socialisation process. Puppies that get enough play (and learn how to play safely) have got a much better chance of growing up into the healthy, loving dogs that become another part of our family.


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