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Medium sized dog breeds

Brown dog wearing glasses reading a magazine advice
© Unsplash

Medium-sized dog breeds are a popular choice for a lot of families and individuals. That’s because these popular dogs carry more heft than a little dog, but don’t have the spatial or dietary needs of a large or giant dog.

By G. John Cole

With medium dogs, you get a significant wodge of dog. Something you can wrestle with and cuddle, but that isn’t going to slip down the back of the sofa or flatten your youngest kid. Medium dog breeds are sometimes defined as those that weigh between 35 and 65 pounds. The same as a mid-sized plasma TV. But more snuggly.

Differences in medium-sized dogs

Just because one dog breed falls in the same weight range as another, doesn’t mean you’re getting the same kind of package. A mid-range dog can be super-excitable or docile, needy or independent. If you’re looking for a calm dog, you can find giant ones and tiny ones or medium ones. It has little to do with size.

But you may decide you want a medium-sized dog because the size is just right. In that case, your research is just beginning. Let’s look at some variations in the wide (but not too wide) world of the mid-sized doggo.

Energetic medium sized dogs: the German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer dog.
The German Shorthaired Pointer. © Pixabay

If you have a healthy active lifestyle (or want one), choosing a dog breed who loves to work out can be a great idea.

The German shorthaired pointer is a low-maintenance, high-energy, medium-sized dog who loves to go for runs or for a swim. He’s at the ‘larger’ end of mid-sized, especially if he’s a he. Males can be up to 70lbs, females a bit smaller.

Your pointer will also get you lots of attention as you run in the park. Put simply, he’s a looker. His brown-red head tapers off to a patchy liver-and-white body.

He’s easy to train and his health is generally good, especially if he gets as much exercise as he needs!

Snuggly medium sized dogs: the American Eskimo Dog

An American Eskimo Dog.
The American Eskimo Dog. © Pixabay

The Eskimo comes in three sizes, like your fast food drink: toy, miniature, and standard. The standard is mid-sized, at around 15-19 inches tall.

American Eskimo are intelligent dogs, sociable, and absolutely gorgeous. They demand to be part of a family life. That means snuggles aren’t a luxury: they’re mandatory. Your American Eskimo medium-sized dog may become depressed if you don’t stimulate that intelligence of hers.

Give her big ball of white fluff two-three brushings a week and it should stay clean. But beware her looks come at a cost. If you don’t brush her enough, she will shed that beautiful hair all over your home.

Altogether, this makes her a great package for a family with a lot of love to give. Especially one whose kids could do with a lesson in responsibility!

Calm medium sized dogs: the Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound

Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound dog.
The Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound. © Pixabay

If you’ve ever met a calm but confident mountain person, you’ll know the kind of wholesome appeal to expect with this chap.

Strong but gentle, devoted but reserved, the Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound suits somebody who would like companionship without getting pulled into dog society. He thrives in the countryside, where his sense of smell will make every walk an adventure.

Your Bavarian will need plenty of attention if not put to work. But so long as you give the love and exercise he needs, he won’t bother other people or dogs for attention.

Classic medium sized dogs: the Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever dog.
The Labrador Retriever.  © Pixabay

Coming in at the top-end of the medium dog range (maybe a bit higher if you land a real whopper) the Labrador is an established favourite among families. Strong, friendly, loving, playful, and gentle, a well-trained Lab lives well with kids of all ages. You just need to watch her closely with smaller children due to her weight.

Labrador pups can be a handful, as they are high energy dogs. But an older Lab is as clever as she is playful. As long as she gets the love and play she needs, she can be a responsible companion around the home. She loves the garden and, of course, she adores water.

Full-on medium sized dogs: the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog.
The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  © Pixabay

The ‘toller’ is sometimes mistaken for a smaller, prettier golden retriever. But his personality can be quite different. While a retriever becomes a perpetual ‘young adult,’ your toller will forever be a child. If you have the energy to deal with this, you will be repaid with a bundle of endless joy!

The toller is alert, excitable, and sociable. When someone comes to the door, he will spin around and around and bark – a greeting for those he loves, a warning for potential threats (though he may not make a great guard dog). His face and voice are very expressive, which makes him great company.

That energy is more than mid-sized though, so be prepared to show him attention, train him not to tear away quite so worrisomely in the park, and give him plenty to keep him occupied.