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Cat ends up in the chicken coop: the funniest video of the month! (Video)

cat in a henhouse full of chickens cat-happy © vkdx17 - TikTok

Look for the intruder! That's what you might say when looking at these videos! The reaction of the cat in the henhouse is unique!

By Emilie Heyl

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Have you ever been in a situation where you just don’t know how you ended up there? Yes… probably right? Well that’s exactly what happened to this adorable kitten who ended up in the middle of a henhouse.

This hilarious video recently appeared on TikTok and shows a cat that looks a little confused as to why he ended up in a henhouse full of clucking chickens.

What's a cat doing in a chicken coop?

The kitten’s facial expression leaves no doubt that he doesn't like his feathered contemporaries so much. This alone should make you smile, but it gets better.

One curious chicken decided to meet the kitten, he went up to see the feline and started pecking him - to the kitten's delight… He perhaps wanted to see the kitten’s reaction.

The kitten's reaction

Well the kitten was really not impressed… He actually didn’t hesitate for a second to put the chicken in its place with a severe look and a little slap with its paw as if to say “Don’t touch me please!”. But this only increased the other chicken's curiosity as another one went up to meet the kitten but also got a little too close for the kitten’s taste.


Cat, you can see that the chicken moves its mouth first and I move my hand#Chick#cat#cutepet

♬ original sound - vkdx17

The whole scene is truly comical and cat lovers are delighted.


You want to use the same tactics against me twice#Chick#cat#cutepet

♬ original sound - vkdx17

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