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Cat rescue demands justice for Poppy and seeks change in cat welfare legislation

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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In 2019, the Oldham Cats Rescue welcomed Poppy, a charming tabby and white cat, into their sanctuary. Tragically, Poppy met a gruesome end...

After being a resident cat at the Oldham Cats Rescue Centre for 5 years, poor Poppy fell victim to a deliberate act of cruelty. Her body was found, headless, within close proximity to the rescue. Despite reporting the incident, the response from authorities was inadequate, highlighting systemic flaws in addressing crimes against cats.

A community's cry for change

Poppy’s untimely demise sparked support from the local community. Yet, it also shed light on a disturbing trend: a 23% increase in cat cruelty cases year on year across the UK. Such atrocities not only threaten animal welfare but also pose broader societal risks by potentially escalating to more severe offenses.

Oldham Cats Rescue’s call to action

Oldham Cats Rescue, committed to championing the welfare of cats, demands equitable treatment under the law. Despite being recognised as protected animals, cats face disparities in legal protection compared to dogs. To address these injustices, Oldham Cats Rescue proposes a series of legislative reforms:

  • Equal legal standing: Cats should enjoy the same legal status as dogs, particularly concerning road traffic accidents and acts of cruelty.
  • Police prioritisation: Police Commissioners must prioritise the investigation of intentional harm to domestic animals, ensuring swift and thorough responses to such crimes.
  • Enhanced enforcement: Local police must attend the scene of cat cruelty incidents, with Chief Constables publishing annual reports on these cases and actions taken.
  • Improvement of communication: Regular reviews of communication and coordination between central and local police teams are essential to streamline responses to cat-related crimes.
  • Government accountability: Animal Welfare and Police Ministers should provide annual reports to Parliament on the effectiveness of measures to protect cats.
  • DEFRA action: DEFRA’s Animal Welfare Committee should prioritise discussions on cat welfare, ensuring sustained attention to this critical issue.

By advocating for legislative reforms, Oldham Cats Rescue aims to secure justice for victims like Poppy and prevent future instances of feline cruelty. Just as "Lucy’s Law" protects puppies and kittens, the enactment of "Poppy’s Law" would signal a landmark step towards safeguarding the rights and well-being of all cats in the UK.

If you agree with Oldham Cats Rescue's demands, help them by visiting their Facebook page and signing their petition.
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