Small miracle in Ukraine: Puppy survives shelling on roadblock

man carries small brown puppy dog-angry © Hаціональна поліція України - Facebook

When terrible tragedies are taking place, it’s important to find the silver linings. And these police officers in Ukraine certainly found theirs. 

By Justine Seraphin

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Around a week ago, Ukrainian police made a miracle find at a destroyed roadblock.

A deserted street

Indeed, as they looked around the area that had been heavily shelled, they first thought that no-one had survived. It was very quiet, and there was no sign of life.

They noticed a car which had obviously been under heavy fire; with bullet holes in the windows and flat tires. They decided to take a look inside to see whether they could find any victims. But what they found was not at all what they expected!

A little miracle

On the front seat, cowering in fear and shaking from the cold, was a tiny little puppy. The police officers didn’t know whether the pup was previously a stray or if he lost his owners in the chaos of the attack. All they knew is that he needed love and care. So they decided to provide that for him.

The pup has since been adopted by the team who discovered him. On their Facebook page, they wrote:

"He will protect this region with us, and we will him."

The pup is now safe and warm at the police station, where he is fed and given cuddles every day! 

He is a welcome distraction for the officers who are going through so much right now. Our thoughts are with them. 

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