Nowzad’s Pen Farthing speaks of “partial success” after landing in Heathrow

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The past two weeks have been a nightmare for the entire Nowzad team. After the Taliban take-over in Kabul, Pen, his team, their families, and 200 of their animals attempted to flee.

By Justine Seraphin

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After Nowzad received enough donations to arrange for transportation to Kabul airport and a charter flight out of Afghanistan, the staff’s hopes were brutally destroyed on Friday when they were turned away at the gates.

Two hours before they were supposed to board, Joe Biden had changed the requirements needed to enter the airport, therefore making it impossible for Pen’s Afghan team to enter. 

Pen Farthing lands in London with 170 animals

There was a lot of uncertainty for Nowzad fans from that point on. There were no news or messages on their social media. People started to wonder what would happen to the team and to their beloved animals.

Thankfully, it was confirmed that yesterday morning, Pen and 170 cats and dogs landed in London Heathrow. Unfortunately, he was not accompanied by his 24 Afghan staff members and their families. In a tweet, Pen stated:

“Arrived Heathrow with partial success of #OpArk Mixed emotions & true deep feeling of sadness for Afghan today. Heathrow Ops centre, Border Force, HARC & Air Pets were all bloody amazing. Witnessed 1st hand the compassion Heathrow is showing Afghan refugees.” 

Nowzad’s official Facebook page has also released a statement ensuring supporters of the charity that Operation Ark was far from over and that they would do everything in their power in the coming months to “reach a positive conclusion” for their staff members.

What happens to Nowzad’s animals now?

As for the animals, they are doing splendidly! All of them made it to the UK in the best of health. Upon arrival, they were checked by vets and transported to comfortable kennels where they will be well cared for during their quarantine period. After which, they will probably be behaviourally assessed and then put up for adoption

What a wonderful ending for these beautiful furbabies. We are sure their fate brings comfort to Pen and his team during this difficult time. 

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