What kind of allergies can my dog get in Autumn?

Autumn dog walks can cause allergies
Autumn dog walks ©patrick.hendry. Unsplash

What’s not to love about the autumn season? The leaves changing colour, refreshing breezes and respite from the heat of the summer. The changing season however, may mean several adjustments for your pet. Expect a decrease in the amount of exercise and more baths after muddy walks, for your dog. Above all, there is the risk of allergies that your dog can get in Autumn.

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Common Dog Allergies in Autumn

During this season, many of the common allergens include mould, mildew, dust mites, grasses and certainly pollen. A seasonal allergy will probably affect your dog’s skin, rather than a respiratory problem, as it does with humans. As larvae, the dust mites feed on the blood of warm animals, so if you notice your dog rubbing itself against objects, biting or scratching, check him out. Other clinical symptoms due to Autumn allergies to look out for are: Coughing, sneezing, eye and nasal discharge and fur loss. Many environmental allergens cause almost all atopic dermatitis or atopy, to use the clinical title.

Autumn dog allergies caused by harvest mites and pollen
Dog allergies caused by harvest mites and pollen ©patrick.hendry. Unsplash

Dermatitis Allergies  – These cause incessant itching for your dog that consequently will damage the skin, especially the delicate area around the ear canal. If you spot your dog pawing at his ear, or shaking his head, he probably has an infection. Look out for a strong odour or a discharge.

Dust Mite Allergies – As the temperature drops, we tend to close our windows, switch on the Central Heating, and take less walks with our dogs. Dust mites are found in bedding and on rugs in the home. Harvest mites that can also create an allergic reaction, live in grass or dense vegetation locations. Because they are tiny they are difficult to spot, but look for tiny, orange mites that live in clusters on warm areas of the body. Above all, the dog’s feet, under belly and between the legs are most susceptible.

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Mould Allergies – Woodland walks where your dog will almost scurry through the decomposing damp leaves, is sure to cause some allergies for your dog. Mould thrives in warm, damp conditions such as compost heaps and on riverbanks, so be cautious when walking your pooch.

Pollen Allergies – If your dog suffers from hay fever during the summer, he will likewise, probably be affected by pollen in the Autumn. Ragweed pollen is even more of a problem that will cause him to shake his head, lick his paws and bite and scratch at his skin to gain some relief.

How to treat your dog with allergies during Autumn

Certainly, a visit to the Vet will help to diagnose any allergies. Your Vet will probably run some allergy tests or take skin scrapings to identify any items that trigger symptoms. There are many treatments and therapies available on the market that will give some relief. Medications such as mild steroids, eye and ear drops, antihistamines and special shampoo, will all calm down your dog’s skin.

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Woodland walks can cause dog allergies in Autumn
Woodland walks in the Autumn ©tim.golder. Unsplash

Other triggers for dog allergies

It seems that there are lots of advantages to check out what your dog may be allergic too, especially in the Autumn season. Likewise, other allergens may be responsible, that are non-seasonal. Maybe houseplants, household cleaning products and flea bites could certainly be culprits. Food intolerances and reactions can also produce symptoms. Do your detective work to get to the bottom of what’s causing your dog’s allergies.

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