Shelter dog adopted by family

Frightened and exhausted: Honey was abandoned outside a shelter.

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Deaf senior dog was so relieved she slept for 17 hours straight after being adopted

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The story of a senior, deaf dog found tied to the door of an animal shelter continues to tug at the heartstrings seven years after she passed away.

A heartwrenching TikTok video has touched animal lovers worldwide as it follows the bittersweet journey of a dog called Honey from when she was first discovered in September 2017.

Abandoned on the doorstep

Shelter staff were stunned when they found the elderly, deaf and frightened pup on the doorstep.

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Fortunately, fate soon intervened when a family came forward to adopt her. Once she was in the safety of her new forever home, Honey slept for a remarkable 17 hours. Despite Honey's advanced age and numerous health issues, including osteoarthritis, her new family spared no effort to ensure her happiness. 

A poignant video reveals Honey's vibrant personality as she enjoys playtime, grooming sessions and cuddling with her family.

Tragically, Honey's time with her new family was brief, as she passed away just three months after her adoption. Nevertheless, those months were full to the brim with love and care.

Bittersweet memories

Seven years after her passing, Honey's owner commemorated her with a touching slideshow on TikTok, sparking an outpouring of emotions from viewers.

While saddened by the shortness of Honey's time with her family, many found comfort in knowing she experienced love and compassion in her final days.

One person simply said, "She knew she was loved" while another wrote, "It’s hard, but they so deserve to be loved to the end. They give us everything they have every day of their lives. Thank you.

RIP Honey.

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