Peruvian Hairless Dog

Other names : Peruvian Inca Orchid, Perro Sin Pelo de Peru, Inca Hairless Dog, Viringo, Calato, Peruvian Walking Dead Dog, Dielmatian

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Life expectancy

The Peruvian Hairless Dog has a life expectancy of between 10 and 12 years




Adult size

Female Between 10 and 26 in
Male Between 10 and 26 in

Adult weight

Female Between 9 and 66 lb
Male Between 9 and 66 lb
Coat colour
Black Brown Blue
Type of coat
Eye colour

Purchase price

The Peruvian Hairless Dog costs between £400 and £600

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Peruvian Hairless Dog: Origins and history

The Peruvian Inca dog was revered by many ancient tribes. Depictions of the dog appear on artefacts dating from 300BC. They are seen on the ceramics from pre-Inca tribes like the Vicus, the Mochica, the Chancay, and the Chimu. Despite holding the animal in high regard, some of these tribes used it as a food source, although the Incas put an end to the practice when they conquered the region. The Inca believed that this small, hairless animal had mystical qualities, including the ability to heal serious medical conditions. It wasn't recognised by the FCI until 1985.

FCI classification of the Peruvian Hairless Dog

  • Group 5 - Spitz and primitive types

  • Section 6 : Primitive type

Training a Peruvian Hairless Dog

In the right hands, these dogs are fairly easy to train. But they do require a varied and challenging training schedule. 

Peruvian Hairless Dog: Purchase price

The cost of buying a Peruvian Inca puppy will be between £400 to £600. Monthly costs will be between £50 to £80.

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