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Jaw dropping image of a dog's head on pavement sparks an online frenzy

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This photo has caused controversy on the Internet, and understandably so. But your eyes are deceiving you!

This viral photo has stirred up a range of reactions from humour to shock - with most falling into the latter category.

The photo shocked many Internet users

When Internet user nathanddfd posted a photo of his dog's head on Reddit, many people were shocked. It appeared as if the dog's head was separate from its body and now lying on the pavement. But while he may have thought that people would be intrigued or amused by the photo, he had a very different reaction. Many users asked why he would put such a terrible image on the internet.  

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Optical illusion

After posting the image, the man soon received many negative and almost insulting comments from other Reddit users and the photo was blocked.

Fortunately, he quickly responded to the concerns and criticism over the photo, explaining that it was just an optical illusion. His dog is fine; the photo was taken from a certain angle while the dog was lying down, which meant its body could not be seen. 

Nathan then shared a photo of his dog looking safe and well - to the great relief of concerned Redditors.

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