White and brown border terrier cross Jack Russell

The BorderJack is a cross between a Border Terrier and a Jack Russell Terrier

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Everything you need to know about the Border Terrier cross Jack Russell

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If you’re looking for a small yet high-energy dog, you’re in the right place. The Border Terrier cross Jack Russell’s need for activity is never-ending, so these sweet, active pups need intensive daily exercise. Well-trained, this terrier cross is sweet, affectionate and playful.

They might look small - but they're one of the most energetic, agile and powerful dogs around. The Border Terrier cross Jack Russell is a mix between two working Terrier breeds, meaning courage and intelligence come naturally to them.

Want to know whether a Border Terrier cross Jack Russell or ‘Border Jack’ would be a good match for you and your family? First, let’s check out the parent breeds and find out what traits we could expect this hybrid to inherit.

Border Terrier

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“Anyone who has encountered a Border Terrier will know that although this is a relatively small breed in terms of overall stature, it is one with a big heart. Bold and fearless, these terriers possess a feisty character that belies their size,” David Alderton says in his book, You and Your Border Terrier.

The Border Terrier is a small yet bold, endlessly energetic and beautiful pooch. They’re often described as ‘tough’ thanks to their hunting and working past, but most people find they have a soft side too and love cuddling up on the sofa.

Jack Russell

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Jack Russells are popular pets - not only are they intelligent, but they’re extremely playful and affectionate towards their owners. Like the Border Terrier, they have relentless energy.

“Jack Russell Terriers are bursting with energy. These little dogs chase anything that moves. People seeking an active pet with a big personality don’t have to look any further than the Jack Russell!” explains Tammy Gagne in Jack Russell Terriers.

Physical attributes of the Border Terrier cross Jack Russell

Height: 15-23 inches
Weight: 22-33 pounds
Lifespan: 12-14 years

It’s always difficult to predict exactly what a crossbreed will look like - they could inherit any traits from each parent breed.

In the Border Terrier Jack Russell mix, dogs often take on a Jack Russell type: medium-sized body, with a small head and floppy ears. Their eyes are normally dark yet friendly, with a prominent muzzle and scissor bite. Their bodies appear stocky but are actually very athletic and agile.

Border Jacks commonly have a short, dense, double layered coat which can appear in white, brindle, brown, black or a combination of said shades.

Temperament of the Border Terrier cross Jack Russell

The Border Terrier cross Jack Russel definitely isn’t lacking in personality - in fact, they’re teeming with it! Both parents come from a working and hunting background, meaning the Border Jack is guaranteed to have a degree of courage and fearlessness.

Without training, this hunting background could cause havoc - they have the potential to be hard to handle and will chase just about anything in sight. But with a loving home, lots of activity, a good training programme and exposure to children and animals at a young age, you’ll be rewarded with a devoted, loyal and often amusing pooch.

If you’re thinking of adopting a Border Terrier cross Jack Russell puppy, be prepared for an energetic pet. This is not a lounging around, fluffy house pet - they’re quite literally hyper! You’ll need to incorporate a daily exercise routine to keep this active little pup satisfied. But if you love running, walking or hiking, then it could be the perfect dog for you.

A Border Terrier cross Jack Russell is a good option for those wanting a guard or watchdog, as they become extremely protective of their family if an intruder appears. Of course, this is a fine balance - some Border Jack’s struggle to accept new faces into the family, though early socialisation should minimise this.

Exercise requirements of the Border Terrier cross Jack Russell

Exercise, exercise and exercise some more - a Border Terrier cross Jack Russell can’t get enough of the stuff! Whether it’s running, jumping, swimming, playing, a Border Jack always needs to be doing something.

Daily walks alone aren’t enough to keep this intelligent and athletic breed mentally and physically stimulated. Dog toys and interactive games or puzzles, as well as simple games such as fetch, need to be included in this pup’s daily routine.

This breed is commonly used in flyball competitions - and tends to be extremely successful in doing so! It’s a great way to bond with your Border Jack and meet their exercise needs.

Due to their high energy needs, Border Terrier cross Jack Russell puppies and dogs should, ideally, have access to a garden. They’ll also need an hour or more of intense exercise per day - but frankly, the more the better!

Grooming a Border Terrier cross Jack Russell

The Border Terrier cross Jack Russell isn’t as high maintenance in terms of grooming as it is with its exercise needs. Generally, this breed is a medium level shedder who needs weekly or twice weekly brushing.

You’re likely to find some hair around your home, so be prepared for this and have a vacuum ready. The more you keep up with brushing, the less hair you’ll find on your furniture!

It’s also important to check ears for a build-up of wax, dirt or debris. They may need a gentle wipe every so often - just make sure you dry them afterwards. Clean their teeth at least once a week.

Health of the Border Terrier cross Jack Russell

With a healthy diet and regular, intense exercise, your Border Terrier cross Jack Russell is likely to lead a long and healthy life. Some diseases and conditions have been reported more than others in this breed, such as:

You might have noticed the high occurrence of diseases or conditions of the eye. If you do decide to adopt a Border Terrier cross Jack Russell, make sure your pooch gets regular eye examinations, just in case.

We think Terrier breeds are often misunderstood - but with a happy home and a loving family, they can make wonderful pets. Give them a chance, and they'll love you forever!

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