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Everything you need to know about the American Bulldog cross Staffy

american bulldog cross staffy dog advice
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The American Bull Staffy, as this crossbreed is sometimes known, is a modern-day hybrid with a muscular, stocky appearance. Although very protective, they make excellent companion pets.

By Dawn Parrish

Origins and history of the American Bulldog cross Staffy

There is little-documented detail relating to the history and breeding of this strain of canines. Although now considered to be a dog for the working classes, the breed was first developed as a guard dog. Both hybrid parent dogs, the American Staffordshire terrier and the American bulldog are both from the same ancestors, albeit 200 years down the line. Both parents are known to be loyal pets, yet ooze confidence, strength and determination. Unfortunately, dogs from this breed often fall into the classification of being aggressive. This certainly, isn’t the case and this bulldog is the ideal choice for those in search of an obedient, loyal companion.  First, discover details about this bulldog cross Staffy’s parental ancestors.

Parental lineage – American Bulldog

This hearty, healthy canine has its roots in England, where it was first used to guard farms and drive cattle. The American breed still upholds this protective constitution. As a result, you can spot this in the strong bonds that the bulldog will create with his owner. He will be fearlessly defensive against any apparent threats. Physical characteristics of this parent are a muscular, sturdy appearance and a stiff, short coat.

American bulldog cross Staffordshire terrier
American Bulldog cross staffy male loyal pets © Pixabay

Parental lineage – American Staffordshire terrier

Otherwise known as “Amstaffs”, early predecessors of this breed can be traced back to English roots. During the early 20th Century, in the United States, these terriers appeared on posters depicting bravery and courage. Initially bred to not only provide companionship but also to help on farms and guard property. The physical appearance of the American Staffordshire terrier is of medium build, with a strong head and a stocky build.

Physical Characteristics of the American Bulldog cross Staffy

This hybrid cross dog inherits the major characteristics from its parent, the American Staffordshire terrier. Its deep, broad head sports a medium length muzzle, rounded just underneath the eyes on the upper sides. His small eyes, set far apart are quite deep in colour. With heavy, muscular hind legs and thighs and a short, tapering tail positioned low on his bottom.

Height: Adults grow to 17 to 19 inches
Weight: Adult male weighs between 55 to 70 lbs, with the female slightly less
Lifespan: Between 12 to 14 years


The Amercian Bulldog cross Staffy is certainly a people-loving breed, very loyal and understanding the need to protect their owners. Likewise, he will safeguard and be patient with any children in the home.  Due to his protective personality, the Bulldog cross Staffy will be doubtful around strangers, looking for any impending threats. If not correctly socialised as a pup, the breed can be quite aggressive toward other dogs. With masses of energy, their favourite activities should be running, chasing and fetching toys.

Common health issues of the American bulldog cross Staffy

In the main, the American Bulldog cross Staffy is quite a healthy breed, just like its parents. Reports of a luxating patella and hip dysplasia are more common health issues.

Feeding Guidelines

To maintain the muscle mass of these dogs, feed them a diet rich in protein. This has the advantage too, of producing sufficient energy to match his vigorous lifestyle. To prevent any excessive gain in weight, feed fewer carbohydrates.

Training the American Bulldog cross Staffy

Relatively easy to train, but requires consistent routines from an early age. This bulldog breed is capable of understanding commands without any problems. However, he may present with behavioural problems that require specific training to correct them. These American Staffordshire terriers and American Bulldog mix breeds require a confident, firm person to train them. Above all, the dog needs to cultivate a healthy respect towards his owner.

Bulldog cross staffy terrier
American Bulldog cross Staffordshire terrier © Unsplash

Grooming needs

With a short, glossy coat, your American Bulldog cross Staffy can roll around quite happily in the dirt and still appear quite clean. A small brush with soft bristles will help to keep his coat clean and shining. Although these dogs have a close-knit coat, they do tend to shed their hair. As a result of their strong nails, which appear to grow very quickly, frequent nail clipping is advised. Dental hygiene is also very necessary with this breed to prevent the build-up of plaque and to avert any bacterial infections in the mouth.

Additional information if you are considering adoption or purchase

If you are considering buying one of these dogs, just like all hybrid breeds, you need to research the parents first. Some of these dogs appear to have a ghastly reputation, sometimes with just cause. However, with caring owners, correct training and thoughtful socialisation they can become fantastic companion dogs. Finally, remember that this crossbreed makes an excellent guard dog. He certainly won’t tolerate strangers too warmly and will above all, protect his owner.

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