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The Pugapoo is a fun loving dog and a great companion.

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Pugapoo: the pug cross poodle

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The pugapoo is a cross between a Pug and a Poodle. This fun loving dog gets along very well with children and will make a great companion.

All dogs are unique, but some dogs are more unique than others. And the Pugapoo just might be the most unique of all. The poodle and the pug are very different dog breeds and combining them together will result in some very interesting and entertaining crossbreeds. Let's meet the parent's breeds.

The Pugapoo's parents breeds

The Poodle

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The Poodle was originally bred in Germany, where it worked as a water-dog, collecting game for hunters. Later on, it became more of a show dog and was synonymous with the height of sophistication in many European countries, including France, Germany, and Britain.

The Poodle is a very intelligent dog and easy to train. They are actually very popular as a show dog because of their unique looks and obediance. The Poodle loves to get attention and if it feels like it doesn't get enough, it can develop some bad habits such as barking. They will need a firm hand in training and also an early socialisation because they can be aggressive towards humans and other dogs.

The Pug

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Pugs were first bred in China. They were kept as pets by members of the ruling families, and some of the most prized pugs had their own armed escorts! Pugs then became popular in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Pug is a friendly dog, very laid-back and who gets along with children. They make great companion dogs, they love it when they have company and are quite affectionate. They don't usually bark, chew or dig and would easily adapt to any living situation. However, the Pug is prone to obesity therefore, its owner will have to watch the Pug's diet and also give the dog a moderate amount of exercise everyday.

Physical characteristics of the Pugapoo

Pugs are small dogs, compact dogs that can weigh between 12-14 pounds. As a member of the toy dog group, they grow to about 10-12 inches in height. Pugs also have short, smooth coats that don't require a lot of grooming. Pugs are part of the brachycephalic breed, which means short-headed. This is what gives them their distinct flat faces and prominent eyes.

Poodles come in three different sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. Whatever the size, poodles are renowned for their sophisticated, curly coats. This requires some serious grooming.

The combination of a pug and miniature/toy poodle will produce a small and extremely cute little dog. They’ll have a little bit of extra fur due to the poodle coat, but nothing compared to some purebred poodles.

Do Pugapoos shed?

A mix between a pug and standard poodle will produce a medium-sized dog with a lot more fur. They will have two different coat types: curly or straight. The Pug cross Poodle won't shed too much but they will require a regular grooming and trimming. There is a chance the Pugapoo will be hypoallergenic thanks to its parent breed the Poodle.

The personality of the Pugapoo

Pugapoo puppies can be a real contradiction. Pugs and Poodles have very different personalities, so it's hard to make predictions about the temperament of the Pugapoo. For instance, pugs were bred as lap dogs, and are comfortable living in smaller environments and only require moderate amounts of exercise. This is very different from some Poodles, especially the standard Poodle. These high-energy working dogs need plenty of space and exercise. Poodles are also known for their intelligence and poise, whereas the pug is cheerful, charming, and a little bit naughty.

Mixing these different personalities together will produce some very unique combinations. The only guarantee is that they won't be boring! Pugapoo puppies are full of energy and will love to play. This crossbreed loves to spend time around people and especially its family. The Pug cross Poodle learns quickly, so you will have some fun teaching your dog some tricks. 

Make sure you socialise your Pugapoo early, spend a lot of time playing with it and make sure it gets enough exercise and you will have a wonderful companion dog by your side.

How to train a Pugapoo

One of the Pugapoo's parents is the Poodle, one of the most intelligent dog breed. Therefore, the Pug cross Poodle is fairly smart and will respond well to training. However, like any dog breed, it is important to start training and socialisation early to prevent any bad habits and development of behavioural problems.

Pugapoo puppies are very receptive to meeting new people, new dogs and discovering new places. Therefore, if you expose your pup to new things at an early stage, you will have the most sociable dog in your hands.

Health issues of the Pugapoos

Like with any crossbreeds, Pugapoos can inherit health problems through their parents breeds. 

Pugs are susceptible to a range of medical issues, many of which stem from their small head and flat faces. One of the more serious concerns with a pug is his difficulty to breath. This can lead to blocked airways, a collapsed windpipe, and even overheating in warm weather.

Because of their protruding eyes, pugs are prone to different types of eye infections and complications. Their wrinkly skin, especially around the face, makes a perfect hiding place for bacteria and other pathogens. This causes something called skin fold dermatitis, which can then lead to a more serious infection called Pyoderma.

Hemivertebrae is another potential health risk. This is a genetic deformity of the spine common in smaller dogs with short, curly tails. Poodles have nowhere near as many health issues as pugs, although they may suffer from hip deformities, eye problems, and a glandular disorder called Cushing disease.

Poodles also have a slightly higher rate of epilepsy, although this is still quite rare in all dogs.

Unfortunately, a Pugapoo could suffer from a combination of these medical issues. But there is some hope. One of the major benefits of crossbreeding is something called heterosis, otherwise known as hybrid vigour. This is when a crossbreed inherits the strongest genes from both parents. A mixed breed will then show genetic qualities superior to both parents.

How to get a Pugapoo

The Pugapoo is a popular crossbreed. If you choose to get a Pugapoo, make sure it's from a reputable breeder. This means that the Pugapoo breeder has done health testing on the puppies, theu should be vetted, dewormed and socialised. Also, we would advise you to meet the parent breeds, this will give you an idea if your Pugapoo puppy will be healthy and have a great start in life. 

If you decide to adopt or buy from a Pugapoo breeder, make sure you prepare the arrival of your future best friend. Give it the perfect life it deserves.

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