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The Jack Russell cross Beagle, also known as the Jack a Bee

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The Jack a Bee – a Jack Russell cross Beagle dog

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If you’re looking for a fun little dog for lots of family fun, then the Jack a Bee is the pup for you. This Jack Russell cross Beagle dog has a fantastic personality.

The Jack a Bee, a lively little dog that is a wonder to watch. However, its activity levels and amount of enthusiasm could probably be overwhelming for quieter owners. Known either as a Beagle-Jack Russell mix, or a Jack Russell-Beagle variety, this is a really unique breed. Eager to please its owners and very intelligent. If you’re considering a new canine addition then the Jack Russell cross Beagle could be the one.

Let's check out the Jack a Bee parents breed.

The Jack a Bee: a crossbreed between a Jack Russell and a Beagle

The Jack Russell

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The Jack Russell is a dog full of energy. They were bred to hunt, and will take this job very seriously. The desire to hunt every time it is out on a walk combined with a high level of energy, will require an important amount of training. The Jack Russell will need an active owner who has some experience with dogs. Indeed, this happy chap can sometimes be a handful. The Jack Russell can be pretty vocal and can sometimes be aggressive towards other dogs. So this breed is not a dog for anybody.

The Beagle

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The Beagle is a friendly dog and a great family pet. It gets along with other pets and children. This breed is also a hunter and a very curious dog, so you'll find your Beagle roaming around. This dog absolutely loves company and affection. However, if left alone for too long they can become destructive. The Beagle is known for being a barker, therefore they will need a lot of obedience training.

Personality of a Jack Russell cross Beagle

Both parent breeds, the Beagle and the Jack Russell terrier stem from British stock. Both species of dogs share similar mannerisms and personalities. Although dogs from the parent breeds are sometimes used for hunting sports, the Jack a Bee is almost always bought as a companion pet. Very loyal dogs, quite intelligent and certainly friendly.

Jack Russell cross Beagle puppies make marvellous pets for children when introduced at just a few weeks old. In contrast, an adult Jack a Bee might be quite apprehensive when introduced to strangers. Above all, they are a very easy breed to train, although may prove challenging for a first-time owner. Likewise, a Jack Russell cross Beagle can be quite stubborn at times and easily distracted during training. However, with positive reinforcement and lots of discipline you should have a positive result.

Characteristics of the Jack a Bee

These mixed breeds will be present in various colour combinations. Certainly, the most widespread colours are white and black, white and tan, white with black patches and black.

Height Average: height of adult dog between 10 to 16 inches
Weight Average: weight between 15 to 30 lbs
Lifespan: between 10 and 15 years

Jack a Bees are compact size, bold, yet athletic dogs. With floppy ears from the Beagle genetics and being a slightly rounder, larger version of the terrier parent. Even more so, its tight, smooth coat takes after its Beagle relatives. Your pup may have either a cropped tail like the Jack Russell terrier or a longer version like the Beagle parent.

Common health issues of a Jack Russell cross Beagle

Overall, Jack a Bees are quite healthy dogs. Many of this breed live up to 15 years of age, some even longer. Certain breeders recognise that the dog’s vivaciousness results from hybrid strength which results when two purebreds have been combined.  Some health issues that can arise are allergies and skin problems.  They also appear to have problems processing human food.

How to care for a Jack a Bee

The Jack Russell cross Beagle requires just a balanced maintenance routine. Grooming a few times a week to keep the coat in tip-top condition and regular nail clipping. Certainly, due to their Jack Russell terrier lineage, they’re an energetic dog requiring plenty of playtimes, jogs and long walks. You will also discover that this Beagle cross Jack Russell dog loves playing vigorous games like fly-ball and Frisbee.

Every dog has some traits that are quite undesirable, and the Jack a Bee is no exception. As a result of its Beagle ancestry, it will probably bark quite a lot. Likewise, expect a hyper personality, a bit like its Jack Russell parent. Certainly though, with correct training, you can keep your Jack a Bee pup well under control.

The History of a Jack a Bee

As this breed is a fairly new introduction to the canine world, the history is quite limited. Certainly, there is more information available relating to the parent breeds, the Beagle and the Jack Russell terrier. The hybrid Jack a Bee was first devised in the United States of America around the 2000s.  It seems as though there is limited information relative to the date and time of the crossbreed’s origin. Certainly, around this period, designer dogs became quite trendy. Breeders cottoned onto this popularity and since then the trend has continued to rise.

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