A woman helped a sick street dog. Read the shocking story here!

Last night, a woman helped a street dog who was in a very bad shape. Read this article to learn the full story of this event!

Everything took place Sunday night! According to Hilda Torres, it was 10 o’clock at night. She left work with Rebeca Altamirano and Elaine Seamans. They work as volunteers in At-Choo Foundation, a temporary spay and neuter clinic that they founded. When they were driving, they saw something strange in the street. They caught glimpse of two stray dogs walking down. One of them had a strange head tilt in addition to a rather concerning lump under his ear.

The street dog was in a bad shape

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“I said, ‘Pull over. We’ve got to see what’s going on here. We slowed down, and they both of them came over to the passenger side”,
said Torres to The Dodo. But as soon as she opened the door, both dogs ran away!

“We were like, ‘Oh my God, we’ve got to get this dog. But we stayed calm … and like most of these dogs who need help, he eventually just stopped. So we were able to get to him. Hilda wrapped him in a blanket and lifted up his 50-pound body [into the car] and we got him to the vet”, said Seamans.

The street dog was clean and well-fed

“He is 9 years old, which is really rare. He was also well-fed, pretty clean and didn’t have any major skin issues. So we figured he must have belonged to somebody. Who knows? Maybe they didn’t want him anymore and let him go”, said Seamans. She knew right there that this street dog was recently abandoned because stray dogs don’t usually make it past three years of age.

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Tommy had a very nasty ear infection

They later named this street dog Tommy. They took him to the vet. There, they learnt that Tommy was attacked by another dog which is what caused his ear to become swollen and infected. “Without medical care, the infection has been eating away at his ear canal to the point where he needs reconstructive surgery to clear his ear canal. The head tilt comes from the infection eating away at his nerves, and he also had pockets of puss all over his head, face and neck area. Despite all this, Tommy not once growled. He sat on that vet table like he knew things would only get better from that point”, said Seamans.

Tommy will spend a few more days in the vet, but everyone is confident that he will pull through!

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