Shelter dog awaiting adoption

Skeletal dog is rescued from the pound, now he's looking for his forever family

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After being rescued from a tumultuous start in life, a lovable dog called Pitch is now on the hunt for his forever home.

When the French charity "Au petit bonheur de nos oubliés" took in two-year-old Pitch, he was almost skeletal.

Incredible transformation

But thanks to the care of foster families and his own resilient spirit, Pitch has transformed into a charming companion, ready to bring joy to a new family.

Despite his past traumas, Pitch is a social and gentle pup who gets along famously with other dogs and even cats. 

Pitch's ideal family will give him plenty of love and attention while ensuring he gets his daily dose of walks and affection. 

Patience and understanding 

While he's made great strides with his foster family, Pitch's journey towards healing and trust is ongoing. His future family must be patient and understanding and give him the support he needs to flourish into the loyal companion he's destined to be.

Pitch's mischievous grin hides a heart full of love, waiting for the perfect family to share it with.

If you're looking for a furry friend to brighten your days, consider opening your home to a pup like Pitch, who will fill it with endless love and happiness.

Good luck, Pitch!

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