Reasons Why Your Dog Loves Licking You


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Our dogs love to lick our faces and shower us with watery kisses. But why? Licking is an instinctive behavior dogs use to communicate. When your dog licks your face, he could be trying to tell you something.

The very first reason when your furry friend licks your face is to show his affection for you. It is a very good sign that your dog has a very strong bond with you.


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One more reason is your dog likes the salty taste of your skin. Sometimes, they do that when they are hungry and they need you to get them food. I guess it’s meal time for your dog!

It is thought that a dog’s saliva is filled with bacteria, but research shows that dog licks are actually healthy. A research project by Dr. Charles Raison revealed that a dog’s saliva or simply the dog’s smooches to their owners work as a probiotic that strengthens a human’s immune system.

Therefore, one lick from your dog every day, keeps the doctor away!

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Lastly, the most significant reason of it all is because dogs love your company and they love you and kiss you. So don’t push your dog away when your dog licks you. It’s all out of love!