Two dogs lead a tow truck driver to their injured owner and it was the ultimate loyalty

Two loyal dogs lead a tow truck driver to their injured elderly owner
Two loyal dogs lead a tow truck driver to their injured owner ©Yuki Dog, Unsplash

We all know that dogs are loyal – but do we know just how loyal they really are? An injured, elderly man’s life was saved and it was all thanks to two loyal pooches, who lead a tow truck driver to their owner through sheer love and determination.

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A tow truck driver and proud owner of 2 rescue dogs was carrying out his daily duties, driving back from a job in rural California. He thought it would be a normal drive home. But then, he drove past a lone black dog, standing bang smack in the middle of the road.

The tow truck driver knew something wasn’t right

“As I got closer I noticed the leash and collar, and how healthy the dog was and realized something was amiss,” Martin Jay Hall Jr. told People, “I first tried to capture the dog by walking towards it. He kept moving away from me. I tried to offer my PB&J sandwich to no avail.”

But as a self-confessed animal lover, Martin couldn’t help but feel worried for the dog’s safety. As he drove off, he noticed the pooch staring longingly at him in his rearview mirror and knew in his heart that something wasn’t quite right.

Two loyal dogs lead a tow truck driver to their injured owner
Martin noticed a black dog sitting in the middle of the road ©Fox 26

He decided to go back and attempted to communicate with the dog through talking and whistling. Suddenly, he heard another pup in the distance respond to his whistles. He immediately followed the sound.

The loyal dogs had saved the day

And guess what? He’d been lead to an injured, elderly man, who owned both dogs, lying on the ground, unable to move. It turned out that the man had broken his hip after suffering from a nasty fall. His two pet dogs had worked as a team to bring him to recovery – one searching for help and one staying by his side.

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Martin called an ambulance and stayed with the man and his dogs until it arrived, providing water and fruit. “I’m happy that I was able to provide this man and his family help, and I feel like there was a lot of ‘coincidences’ that had to align for me to be there at that time,” he said about the experience “Almost too many to be normal — more like divinity.”

Two loyal dogs lead a tow truck driver to their injured owner
Martin was happy to have helped the injured man who had broken his hip ©Fox 26

Well, if you weren’t sure just how loyal dogs were – it’s pretty clear now. Well done, pooches!

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