This major city just did the best thing to help animals

LA will ban fur, in order to help animals
LA has finally acted on helping animals by banning fur. ©️Pixabay

Los Angeles might be known for its flashy Hollywood crowd, but this week it’s hit the headlines for a major move to help animals… The city has just taken a step towards banning the sale of fur!

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On Tuesday September 18, the L.A. City Council announced that they had voted to help animals with a ban to stop fur sales. Once the ordinance is created by the city attorney, it will be submitted for final approval.

L.A. to help animals with new ban on fur

Once passed and signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti, the ban will prohibit the sale of fur fashion items. This includes coats, handbags, hats and even jewellery. The ban will be rolled out over two years for retailers to gradually phase out their fur products and help animals.

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Some of the most popular animal furs used in the fashion industry include Arctic foxes, minks and raccoon dogs. It is estimated, according to Animal Defenders International (quoted by the dodo), that over 10 million animals are killed on fur farms each year.

LA bans brands using fur to help animals
Foxes are used for their fur. ©️Pixabay

City celebrates “historic move” for animals

In a  statement, the president of In Defense of Animals, Marilyn Kroplick, celebrated this great help to animals and “historic move”. Not only it is a victory for the city, but as “a message to the world that animals should not […] be abused for clothing.” Kroplick adds that “We are delighted by this significant victory for animals, the public, and activists and organizations around the world who have exposed the cruel fur industry.

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Los Angeles follows other cities in the U.S. with similar bans to help animals; San Francisco, Berkeley and West Hollywood. Over 20 countries including the UK have introduced legislation aimed to prevent the sale of fur products.

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