This heartwarming video shows a dog being reunited with his owner after 3 years on the streets

owner and his dog reunited after 3 years
This emotional video shows the moment a man was reunited with his dog – after 3 long years! ©Lisa Fotios on Unsplash

Tissues at the ready! This might just be the cutest, most heartwarming and happy thing you see all week. A dog was SO shocked to see his owner after 3 homeless years on the streets.

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We mean it, guys – this video will literally melt your heart! Giorgi Bereziani, a 62-year-old who lives in Tbilisi, Georgia, hadn’t seen his dog, Jorge, for 3 long, painful years after he went missing in 2015.

Giorgi had posted photos of his beloved canine buddy after he disappeared but had no response. He thought he’d lost his best bud forever.

But one special day, fate took its course. Staff at the local opera house spotted a dog they thought looked similar to Jorge. As soon as he got the call, Giorgi made his way to the opera house in search of his long-lost best friend.

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And their suspicions were right. Giorgi approached the black and white dog who was sleeping on the street – and it turned out to be his best friend! The pup threw his paws over Giorgi and began to whimper. His tail began wagging aggressively from side to side. He’d clearly never forgotten about his owner – what a loyal little pup!

Only the video will show you how beautiful the moment they were reunited truly was. His pooch was visibly happy – over the moon, in fact – to see his owner again.

The dog had a yellow tag on his ear, which indicates that Jorge had been taken off the streets before being deemed harmless to society, and released again. But now, Jorge is back in his forever home where he belongs, with his best friend Giorgi.

So here it goes – trust us, you’ll want to grab that box of tissues before you press play.

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