The worst excuses for abandoning a dog heard at a rescue centre

Rescue centre lists excuses for dog abandonment
Excuses for dog abandonment. ©Pixabay

Summer 2018 was marked by the saturation of rescue centres due to the high number of abandoned animals. Here are the saddest and most appalling reasons for abandonment heard at the Marseille Provence rescue centre in France.

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As with throughout France, the Marseille Provence rescue centre has had to, once again, deal with a large wave of abandoned animals. On its Facebook page, the charity decided to publish the most shocking reasons given to the centre’s staff and volunteers for abandoning an animal. Here are some snippets from their post:

Reasons for abandoning a dog

  • It’s sick.
  • It doesn’t do anything.
  • It’s too old. We’re keeping the lead though. Do you have puppies?
  • It’s afraid of storms.
  • It doesn’t guard the house.
  • It’s too friendly.
  • It climbs trees to escape.
  • I thought a German Shepherd would be a small dog.
  • My new boyfriend doesn’t like the dog.
  • I’m abandoning my dog because I’m pregnant and I’m not vaccinated against toxoplasmosis.
  • It’s ugly.
  • After thinking about it, I don’t like the colour.
  • It’s 9 years old. It lives up to 11 so you can euthanize it now.
  • It likes cuddles too much, it’s basically a sofa dog.
  • It splashes water around when it drinks from its bowl.
  • I’m allergic to dog hair, so I’m bringing it back to choose another.
  • I’m a mother, corporate manager, and have wooden floors.

Reasons for abandoning a cat

  • It scratches the furniture.
  • It is 19 years old and meows too loudly.
  • It makes noises when using the litter tray.
  • I’m abandoning my 4-month-old kitten with antaxia because he defends himself when my other cat tries to have sex with him.
  • It sheds.
  • I’m bringing it back because it’s cross-eyed and I’m worried it might be blind.


Emily K is a freelance copywriter, journalist and translator based in France. In her spare time, when she's not running after her cheeky beagle, she can be found pedalling around the city on her bicycle.