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Man abandons elderly cat because of his girlfriend: Now Prunelle needs a home

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Poor Prunelle paid the ultimate price for a human disagreement, losing the only family she had ever known. Now she needs to find love for her final years. 

After 13 years of devotion to her family, tabby cat Prunelle was brought in to the French shelter Agir pour les Animaux.

The reason for her relinquishment was as hard to understand as it was heartbreaking, leaving the shelter staff completely speechless.

Choosing between his cat or his girlfriend

Prunelle's owner had decided to give her up for adoption simply because of his girlfriend, who claimed she didn't want a cat around. 

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Left with a choice between his feline friend or his girlfriend, Prunelle ended up in rescue.

This decision was impossible for the team to understand, particularly because of Prunelle's sweet nature. Her traumatic ordeal did nothing to change her trust and affection towards people, making her the perfect companion.

A new home for Prunelle

Prunelle may be a golden oldie, but she still has lots of love left to give. 

While she will understandably need some time to recover from the life-changing betrayal she has experienced, the rescue team are certain that with the cuddles and reassurance of the right family, she will go on to enjoy many more happy years. 

We hope that the perfect people for Prunelle come along quickly, and that she's soon happy and settled in her forever home.

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