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Shopper gets shock of her life when she touches fur hat in shop and it moves

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When shopping in a second hand shop, you can sometimes find little treasures and surprising items. And this New Yorker has definitely found something very surprising while shopping.

TikTok user @thethriftymama entered a thrift shop in New York hoping to find some cute accessories. And bingo! She spotted a vintage-style fur hat at the top of one of the racks from the 1950s and in great condition!

A cat in a thrift shop

Delighted, the woman reached for the hat to look closer and try it on. And suddenly... the hat came to life!

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Can you imagine how surprised this woman must have been when she reached for the hat and discovered that it was in fact a cat curled up in a ball?

It wasn’t a coincidence that the adorable ginger cat was there. It turned out that the feline belonged to one of the shop's employees. He willingly sleeps among the accessories and has won the affection of many customers (at the same time making them regular customers).

"I swear my heart jumped up into my throat," @thethriftymama admitted. Moments later, however, she watches with amusement as the unsuspecting cat starts licking himself and looking around.

Feline reviews

The cat is garnering plenty of positive online reviews for the shop:

"If you're lucky, you will be graced with their presence by their affectionate, almost 'dog-like' cat" - wrote one internet user.

"Good prices. Huge selection. Lovely cat." - added another.

We expect customer numbers will quadruple once word gets out about this shop's feline star!

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