Tesla CEO Elon Musk hints at a new “dog mode”

tesla "dog mode"
tesla maybe introducing a special “dog mode”. ©overture creation, Unsplash

Super genius Elon Musk has hinted at introducing a “dog” mode feature to Tesla cars.

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Musk made a fortune by creating and then selling PayPal, and now splits most of his time between overseeing the production of electric cars, firing rockets into space, and digging huge holes underneath the city Los Angeles. He’s also part of the management team behind the green energy company Solar City.

But Elon also loves a bit of Twitter, and  it was a recent response to a follower that began rumours of a “dog mode.”

It started with a tweet

The idea was first proposed by Josh Atchely. Tweeting under the handle @nynex, Josh suggested a “dog” mode that could activate air-conditioning, music, and even signal passers-by. Elon’s response was straight to the point. He said ‘“yes.”

Introducing a “dog mode” could be relatively simple. Tesla cars are already equipped with a system that stops the interior temperature exceeding 105 degrees.

All a “dog mode” would then need is some music to keep your dog company and a screen display telling pedestrians that the dog is OK. This would stop unnecessary break-ins or calls to the police from worried members of the public.

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Saving dog’s lives

It could also save hundreds of dog’s lives. Every year dogs die from overheating in cars, and many owners are unaware of the risks. As the RSPCA points out, a temperature of 22 degrees can shoot up to 47 degrees within the hour.  Although you can leave a window open, or park in the shade, it might not be enough to prevent a dog from dying of heatstroke.

If you do ever see a dog in distress then never be afraid to call the RSPCA or the emergency services.

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