Starving stray cat and kittens rescued from Northampton Park


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Starving mother cat and kittens rescued from Northampton park after keen-eyed walker calls for help
Starving mother cat and kittens © aleksander popovski unsplash

A stray cat and her 2 kittens were discovered on Sunday, 19 August, starving and homeless.  They were found in Beckett’s Park, near to Morrison’s supermarket, in Northampton, by a local resident, after she heard their cries.

The caring resident called the Northampton Cats Protection Society, alerting them there was a starving stray cat and her two kittens.  The CPL welfare fieldworker also searched the park location near to where the cats were last spotted.  Luckily, she managed to persuade the three of them out of hiding. The mother cat and kittens were placed in a pet carrier after they were coaxed out of the undergrowth, with food. They were then safely delivered to the Cats Protection cattery premises.

Rescued cats are renamed

The rescuers at the CPL have renamed them as Becket (mother cat) and the two kittens as Victoria and Morrison. Although first of all, Northampton Cats Protection are a voluntary organisation, they will always be prepared to help and abandoned or injured cats where possible.

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What to do if you discover a stray kitten

If you happen to come across a starving cat or kitten, would you know what to do? In the first place, it’s important to try and discover if the cat belongs to someone.  Is it a feral cat or a stray? There is a possibility that if it appears to be in a healthy weight, and looks well-groomed, that it may live close by, and has an owner. A stray cat may appear to be disorientated and look lost, but with some coaxing, the cat may come to you eventually. Likewise, a feral cat won’t come anywhere near you.

If it’s a well-cared cat, chances are that, it will probably have a collar with an ID tag . If you have no luck identifying who owns the cat or kittens, contact the Cats Protection Information Centre for more advice on 03000 12 12 12.

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