Severely matted dog

Shelter staff hadn't seen a dog as badly matted as Pixie

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Heavily matted dog gets emergency makeover and is completely unrecognisable

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When Pixie arrived at Wyandotte Animal Shelter staff couldn't believe their eyes. They'd never seen a dog in such terrible condition before.

Her fur was severely overgrown and matted and the neglect she had suffered left her barely able to move.

Appalling condition

Pixie was in such a deplorable state it was almost impossible for the experienced staff to determine what breed of dog she was, let alone see her face among all the matted fur.

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Fortunately, she was now in good hands. Shelter staff were determined to give her the care she so desperately needed.

Recognising the urgency of Pixie's plight, staff enlisted the help of The Downriver Grooming Co. for an emergency groom.

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Dramatic transformation

The groomers freed Pixie from her dirty, matted prison in just three hours, revealing a completely different dog underneath.

Pixie now looked completely unrecognisable from her former self. Despite her previous ordeal, Pixie emerged as a vibrant and healthy dog. A huge weight had literally been lifted off her.

And there's more good news. Soon after her incredible makeover, Pixie found a loving forever home where she is thriving.

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