Shiba Inu with secret drinking problem goes viral

A Belfast dog has been caught ‘paparazzi’-style drinking a pub beer while its owner went to the loo. The dog – believed to be an exotic Shiba Inu – even checked for witnesses before stealing a cheeky sip in broad daylight.

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The moment was captured by young Jake Pulford as he passed the scene of the crime. Pulford, 26, was among a busload of witnesses laughing at the dog. But apparently he was the only one with the wherewithal to whip out his phone and record the special moment.

Alcohol: so terribly moreish

And it proved to be more than a sip for the anonymous dog – who has not yet been tracked down.

“I was expecting it to recoil. I didn’t think that dogs would like anything like that. But it seemed to be enjoying it,” Pulford said, according to The Daily Fail.

“It went in more than once – he was doing it a few times so he seemed to enjoy it. I was laughing at the dog and I was trying to get the before and after pictures so I was just being very careful and zooming in.

“[The dog] had a lead attached to the table it was at so clearly its owner had just walked into the pub and left it alone for a little bit and that’s when it made its chance.”

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Hair of the dog

The incident took place in the beer garden of Belfast’s Errigle Inn. But the dog has achieved wider infamy online since Pulford’s Facebook post of the incident went viral with over 23,000 likes, shares, and comments.

But the owner – who not only lost some of his beer, but also continued to drink it with a dog-saliva top – does not appear to be among them. In fact, Pulford believes the owner still has no idea about his dog’s drinking habit.

“If I saw the owner and had the chance then I’d probably tell him [what happened]. I always like to give credit for these sorts of things.

“I feel bad that it got so much attention and yet the owner probably has no idea. I would totally tell him and show him the photos and the story.”

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