Puppy with plastic bag around neck hid under car

On occasions, we can witness how dogs can be treated in the worst possible ways. The story of a puppy in Virginia Beach is heartbreaking.

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Last September, in Virginia Beach, Brittany Sallinger woke up to an unusual call from her fiancé. As soon as she hurried out of bed and went outside, she found a puppy with a plastic bag tied around her neck hiding under a car.

The puppy was very dirty and starving

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Sallinger occasionally works with a local shelter called Fur-Ever Home Rescue. She immediately recognized the bad conditions of the tiny pitbull puppy. Kelly Martin, the president of Fur-Ever Home Rescue, told The Dodo that “After some patience and throwing her some treats they were able to get her out from there. She was emaciated and absolutely filthy. She had a lot of what appeared to be motor oil on her since she had been hiding under cars for a bit”.

Not only was she filthy, but also she had the remnants of a yellow shopping bad tied around her neck. This evidently meant that someone tried to restrain her by doing so.

The recovery process of this strong puppy

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After six baths, the couple finally got rid of the grease on the puppy’s coat. Afterward, they called Martin who agreed to take in the dog. When Martin picked her up, she was so surprised by her size. She nicknamed her “Itty Bitty Pittie”.

Once the vet examined her, he found a lot of problems. The 4-month-old pitbull was extremely underweight and full of worms. Fortunately, the puppy was eager to eat. Likewise, she didn’t appreciate human interaction. “[She was] extremely timid in the beginning. I think someone was not very nice to her. But as the week’s gone on, we’ve started to see her personality come out, now that she realizes humans are the source of food and good things”, said Martin.

Baggie Baby's First Day

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Meet our nameless 6mo old pibble pup who was found dragging a yellow Dollar General bag (that she was likely tied into). This video was taken in her first 24 hours in a foster home. She will soon be available for adoption. Isn't she amazing?

Gepostet von Fur-Ever Home Rescue am Freitag, 28. September 2018

©FureverHomeRescue, Facebook.

After moving to a foster home, Itty Bitty Pittie is far more sociable as seen in the video. Everyone is very happy with the recovery.

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