Penguins Were Being Wiped off an Island by Foxes — Until These Two Dogs Showed Up

They nearly became extinct.

Penguins were being killed by foxes on an island off the coast of Australia. So many of them were dying that they nearly became extinct. But, just when the situation seemed dire, two very special dogs showed up.

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The two trained Maremma sheep dogs had been brought to the island in 2006 to protect the tiny penguins. Not only have no penguins been killed since their arrival, but their population has actually increased! It’s safe to say these good dogs have been successful on their mission!

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Two Dogs Protect Tiny Penguins From Being Killed

These little penguins are kept safe and sound thanks to a few big dogs. (via Did You Know)

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Gepostet von Upworthy am Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017