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Hair’s fair at Crufts 2019: Winners so far and what to expect

The Irish Water Spaniel known as Gloi Donn All Or Nothing At Stanegate won best gundog at Crufts 2019. dog-happy
© Irish Water Spaniel America - Twitter

Around 27,000 dogs have descended upon Birmingham to compete or otherwise just generally be fabulous at this year’s Crufts. The world-famous dog show opened on Thursday and will build up to a number of awards, including Best In Show, on Sunday evening.

By Nick Whittle , 10 Mar 2019

Early results are already coming in from the NEC venue, where an army of Hoover operatives are on standby for a mammoth fur pick-up operation on Monday.

We are (all) the champions

The Irish Water Spaniel known as Gloi Donn All Or Nothing At Stanegate has come out on top of the gundog category. Perhaps he was riding the coattails of the successful Bohemian Rhapsody movie, since the curly critter bears more than a passing resemblance to Queen’s rock poodle guitarist Brian May.

Gloi Donn All was awarded just ahead of rivals Esmee Dragon (German Wirehaired Pointer), Primavera In Anticipo Della Val D'Aveto (Golden Retriever), and Valentisimo's Yogi (Spanish Water Dog).

Agility contests and games of flyball will continue over the weekend as one by one, the winners of Best of Breed are announced and put forward for Best in Group. These ‘bests of the bests’ will then battle it out (figuratively speaking) for the crown: Best In Show.

Undogly behaviour

There is controversy around the show as ever, with accusations that vulnerable homeless people have been forced out of emergency accommodation in local hotels to make way for Crufts visitors. Last year, the final descended into chaos on live TV as animal protestors stormed the stage. Crufts is plagued by accusations that the pedigree dogs the show celebrates (and by extension, propagates) often live lives of misery, their health and well-being compromised by over-selective and elitist breeding practices.

The working dogs, at least, seems to be in good condition. Working and pastoral breeds will face their judgement today, terrier and hound breeds on Saturday, before Sunday’s climax with the utility and toy breeds and Best in Show award.


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