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Golden Retriever loves his stuffed animal so much that his owner decided to surprise him

Golden Retriever with duck stuffed toy dog-happy © charlie_the_golden18 - Instagram

A dog owner decided to surprise his dog with something he knew his pooch would really, REALLY appreciate.

By Emilie Heyl

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Charlie is a Golden Retriever who has developed a true passion for his stuffed duck, named Mr. Quackers. He never lets go of him.

"I noticed that he took it everywhere he went and even slept with it at night," said Alice, Charlie's owner, to The Dodo.

One day, Alice and her husband decided to surprise Charlie. In a shop, the couple found a suit that looked like Mr. Quackers.

On Instagram, the couple decided to share the first encounter between the giant duck that came to life and Charlie.

Charlie's dream comes true

As you can see, Charlie is thrilled to discover his best friend in a much bigger version. The dog is at a loss: "His tail started wagging so fast that his whole body was moving," Alicia explained.

Liked more than 120,000 times, the video was appreciated by Internet users: "Charlie's dream comes true", wrote one, "It's the cutest video I've ever seen", said another.

Here is a video of Charlie with his favourite stuffed animal, Mr. Quackers.

And here is the video of Charlie who meets Mr.Quackers for the first time - get ready for the excitement.

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