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Pro Plan® LiveClear®: A revolutionary product for people allergic to cats

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No, you are not dreaming! After 10 years of research, Purina has released a new range of cat food which neutralises the Fel D1 allergen, allowing people who are allergic to cats to live alongside their feline companions.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 15/06/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

Sneezing, coughing, an itchy throat, and red eyes, are all symptoms of a sensitivity to cat allergens. They are not enjoyable and depending on their severity, can sometimes be difficult to live with.

These symptoms are even more uncomfortable as cats are a common pet, adored by 5,3M households in the UK. With 10% of cat owners being sensitive to cat allergens, many households struggle to maintain a close relationship with their beautiful creatures.

According to Cats Protection, 1320 cats were relinquished in their centres due to cat allergies in 2019.

And it goes without saying, for those who would like to have a cat but who have to make the difficult decision not to adopt one because of their sensitivity to cat allergens– it’s a bummer!

According to a recent survey which revealed the different ways British cat owners manage sensitivity to cat allergens,76% of them removed the cat from their house.

But we have the solution for you! After 10 years of scientific research, Purina has found a revolutionary solution to this major problem. The new line of Pro Plan® LiveClear® cat food is based on a unique recipe that reduces the presence of allergens on cat hair by an average of 47% after 3 weeks of daily use.

Why are we allergic to cats?

It is often believed that it is cat hair that triggers allergies in humans. But in reality, it is in the cat's saliva that the allergens responsible for these symptoms are found. Indeed, the cat allergen called Fel d1 is a protein cats produce naturally in their saliva.

Purina Pro Plan® LiveClear® ©Purina

Dr Ebenezer Satyaraj, PhD, immunologist for Nestlé Purina Research and lead investigator on the research that led to the development of Pro Plan® LiveClear®, explains, “Many people think that cat hair or dander is the allergen, but it’s actually what’s on it – the major cat allergen called Fel d 1, a protein that cats produce naturally in their saliva.”

When the cat grooms itself, the saliva spreads on its fur. Therefore, when the cat sheds, humans will be in contact with the cat’s saliva. This is how the allergen Fel D1 spreads in the animal's environment and affects people who are allergic even in the absence of the cat.

How to prevent humans from experiencing the effects of Fel d1 without harming the health of the cat? 

Researchers in the Purina team have spent 10 years to find a solution for people who are sensitive to cat allergens. This scientific breakthrough has led to a new way of feeding cats, by integrating into their diet a specific and natural protein sourced from eggs that will safely neutralise the Fel d1 in the cat’s saliva. It is digested like any other protein, so this product is totally safe for cats. 

By consuming this protein on a daily basis, the cat continues to produce Fel d1, will continue to groom itself and to shed its coat, but biologically nothing will change. The protein contained in the food simply binds to the Fel d1 allergen in the cat’s saliva and safely neutralises it.

Are Pro Plan LiveClear products good for my cat's health?

In one word: Yes! 
In addition to this life-changing ingredient, it is a high-quality product for cats with two tasty flavours: turkey and salmon. Among the Pro Plan® Liveclear® range, there are products adapted to the animal’s needs at all stages of its life: for a young kitten, a sterilised adult or a senior cat over 7 years old.

Vet and broadcaster Dr Mark Evans comments, “As a cat lover and veterinarian, my focus is on the health and safety of the cats under my care. What fascinates me about Pro Plan® LiveClear® is that it reduces cat allergens in cat’s saliva without impacting the physiology of the cat. Because in the scientific world we don’t know exactly why cats produce Fel d 1, Purina has found a way to neutralise the allergen rather than inhibit its production – it’s a feline-friendly way to help bring pets and humans closer together.”

Where can I find the Pro Plan® LiveClear® range? 

Pro Plan® Liveclear® is available now from Pets at Home retail stores exclusively and from the Purina online shop as a complete life-stage range with six products tailored for kitten, adult and adult 7+. No need to ask your veterinarian for a prescription: your cat won’t need to follow a specific diet. 

However, if your cat is following a specific diet or if you have any doubts about changing your cat’s nutrition and introducing this new range, do not hesitate to contact your vet. 

How to feed this new product to my cat? 

To make sure your cat appreciates its new kibble, it is vital that the transition is made smoothly. Talk to your vet to get the best tips on how to change your cat’s diet. 

After 3 weeks of feeding your cat Purina Pro Plan® LiveClear®, you should be able to see the difference. In some cases, allergies will even go below the allergy load threshold, making a significant difference to people with sensitivities to cat allergens.

To learn more about this innovative food solution and to discover the entire Pro Plan LiveClear range, click here!